Get your cleaning products ready and your marigolds on…well maybe not quite. Many of the workforce are planning on returning in the next few months which is exciting and potentially nerve wracking.

Whether your customer facing, working in a small team or are part of a huge workforce its important to take personal care for your workspace. Knowing how to clean your area and what cleaning products to use in essential, as well as knowing who else will be at your station and how they will be cleaning.

We can all do our bit to keep ourselves and each other safe through these nerve wracking times. With the help of all those around us and some top quality cleaning products you should feel confident that going back to work is going to be as exciting as it sounds.

So first things first what 3 simple things can  you do to keep your work space clean and clear?

  1. Check who you will be sharing the workspace with, if this is a till, desk, warehouse station its important to know who else will have access. Make sure you are  all using hand gel, wipes and sprays as well as the same cleaning products to keep a constant barrier of safety.
  2. Have a checklist – if you are sharing the area on a shift basis have a check list for coming on and off the station. This way you know exactly what you have to do and what cleaning products to use for each area. Making sure you are actively cleaning before use gives you peace of mind.
  3. Organise the Mess – if your station or desk is prone to clutter then now is a good time to purge. Have a good clear out, make sure there are plenty of bins at hand and keep the area clear. The clearer the surfaces the easier it is for everyone to keep on the cleaning schedule.

cleaning products

What cleaning products should you be using?

  1. Disinfectant wipes – these are easy to use, easy to dispose of and can be kept handy at all times. Use at the beginning and end of your shift as well as throughout the day. Our favourites are these 5 Star Option
  2. Hand wash & Hand gel – we know we all keep talking about it but really this is the simplest thing you can do. Wash your hands throughout the day, particularly after sneezing or coughing. Use a good quality hand wash and repeat often. The best way to be all safety guns blazing is top up with a hand sanitiser throughout the day and after washing your hands for double the precaution
  3. Anti-viral Spray – wipes are great but we also need to maintain a strict cleaning schedule with a good antibacterial spray. This may be down to you or the cleaning crew but always worth checking and if you can give everything a quick wipe down before you start then you have the added bonus of knowing you are super safe. There are many different types of spray all with a different cost so worth checking out what works for you


What else can you do?

  1. If you are part of a team why not start a WhatsApp group to keep each other in the loop of changes to schedule and offer advice and support if someone is feeling nervous about returning.
  2. DONT go to work if your feeling unwell – lets face it everyone would prefer you to stay at home now and not be the workplace marytr!
  3. Change your mask regularly, reusable masks are great but make sure they are getting regular washes and you always have some spares to hand just in case. We have some great cost effective reusable masks 

If like us your a little obsessed with being clean and tidy at work then check out this video from one of our fav’s Marie Kondo

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