Lever Arch File Spine Labels

We stock and supply lever arch file spine labels on A4 sheets.

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Lever Arch Spine Label Description

Our lever arch file spine labels are 200 x 60mm and are designed specifically to be used in an laser or inkjet printer.  They are positioned on A4 paper and there are 4 labels per sheet.

The size has been designed so that the labels fit on most lever arch files without going over the edges.  They are also made 200mm long so that they don’t cover the thumb hole.  The labels are white and have a selvedge around the outside to make them more reliable going through a printer.

Brand Your Lever Arch Files

Create branded lever arch file spine labels for your lever arch files using a software template.  Your company logo can be incorporated into your design, so that all of your files are branded and look professional on your filing shelf.

If you send your files out to clients, this can make your documents look very professional.  Include your company logo or product name on the spine of the file to make them stand out from the crowd.

Lever Arch File Label Size & Specification:

Size of Sheet: A4 (2967 x 210mm)

Size of Label: 200 x 60mm

Type of Label: Multi Purpose (laser printer, inkjet printer or photocopier)

Type of Adhesive: Permanent

Material: White paper

Number of Labels Per Pack: 100 sheets of 4 (400 spine labels)

Delivery Of Lever Arch Files Spine Labels

We are your UK supplier of genuine lever arch file spine labels and we can deliver all over mainland United Kingdom the next working day.  If you are looking for a different type of label, please give us a call on 0161 429 8118 and let us help you find the type that you need.
We offer free delivery of labels all over Manchester from our store in Stockport. Delivery across the UK mainland is available next day if ordered before 4pm.

Recycling Your Old Lever Arch Files

Once your lever arch files are past being useful as a lever arch file, there are other uses for your old files.  Click here for more information.

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