The CombBind C200 is ideal for medium volume. It combines a punch capacity of up to 20 80gsm sheets with a binding capability of up to 330 sheets using 38mm spines.

The unique low force punch and sheet alignment indicators help to increase the standard of finish for a more professional feel. It comes with a two-year guarantee and is easy to use. An ideal manual comb binder that will service most office needs.

The history of binding ‘books’ actually dates back to ancient India. The Vedas (important text) was written on palm leaves and bound together with thinner leaves.

Jump forward to modern-day and binding documents together in the workplace might (to some) seem like an ancient art itself.

CombBind C200 Comb Binding Machine
CombBind C200 Comb Binding Machine

The chances are you probably haven’t even thought about binding documents until out of the blue it seems like a necessity.

Often for workgroups, presentations, seminars etc putting together your own bound documents is essential.  Both from an aesthetic and informative perspective.

If you are simply providing a few sheets then your usual slide binders will work fine. However, you are looking to provide something more substantial then a comb binding machine is going to be involved.

If this is the case you might want to consider a few things:

How often are you going to be binding?

This can inform how much you want to spend but also how durable the machine needs to be. There is a big difference between the odd office event each month and daily seminars requiring bound documents.

2:1 or 3:1 Pitch

So basically this means how tightly do you want your documents bound? 2:1 is two for every inch, 3:1 is three to every inch. Some machines do one or the other, some do both.

GBC CB200 Comb Binder

Electric or manual comb binding machine

This follows on from the how often and how much question. If you are going to be doing a very large amount of binding then the electric comb binder is probably more appealing than someone getting tennis elbow from all the level action.

Binding A dissertation

The GBC C200 is the perfect machine for binding dissertations.  Universities and colleges can purchase a decent binding machine and use them to bind documents for their students.  Check out the cost of buying a good quality binding machine here and compare it to the cost of binding it at th shop.

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