Your Covid-19 Vaccination card protector keep it free of dirt and grime and make it waterproof too.

Covid-19 Card Protector

Covid-19 Vaccination Card Protector

The Covid-19 card protector will keep your card looking new for a long time compared to an unprotected card.


Why Protect Your Card?

Your card might become proof that you have had the Covid-19 vaccine and you may also be asked to present it when entering venues as they begin to open up again.  This isn’t a policy at the time of creating this article, but it is being discussed.

In order to keep your vaccination card clean and free from tears or creases, this self laminating pouch will seal your card and keep it protected.

Will It Be Waterproof?

Yes, once it is laminated, the seal around the card is airtight.  The laminating pouch is slightly oversized, so that when the card is inserted and the pouch sealed it will be waterproof.

How Thick Will It Be?Protect Your Covid-19 Vaccination Card From Spills & Dirt 1

The pouch thickness is 240 microns, which is approximately a quarter of a millimetre.  This will make the vaccination card stiffer than in its original form, but not rigid like a credit card.

Can The Card Be Removed?

Once the card is laminated, it cannot be removed without damaging the card.  That is why you should only laminate the card once you have had both jabs of the vaccine.

When Should You Laminate Your Card?

You should laminate the Covid-19 vaccination card once you have had both jabs and your card has been stamped or written and dated.

Can the Pouch Be Used For Other Types Of Cards?

Yes.  The self sealing laminating pouch can be used to protect and card that is the same size as your Covid-19 vaccination card.  It is designed for cards that are made from cardboard or paper, however credit cards or plastic cards are not normally suitable for lamination.

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