Do know where your first aid kits are in the office? Do you know who’s in charge of it? First aid kits are one of those things we often don’t really think about until we need it. Very much like printer ink but that’s a different story.

Did you know that an estimated 119,000 slips, trips or falls at work led to an injury in 2017? Not only that but an estimated 621,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work in those 12 months. Whether you work in a small office with limited space for falls and trips, or a warehouse with multiple opportunities for health and safety to go wrong it’s important to not only have the right procedures but also the right equipment.

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This Wallace Cameron Piccolo First-Aid Vehicle Kit is perfect for out and about but also in most offices, small warehouses, shops and more. This easy to store kit contains everything you need in the event of an accident or emergency, Wallace Cameron first aid kits and refills, which include a range of bandages, dressings and plasters to help treat cuts, scrapes and other injuries are convenient and effective.

First aid kits
First aid kits in the office

What are the contents of standard first aid kits?

1 x First Aid guidance leaflet – to help refresh the memory of all first aiders

1 x Car window sticker – for when it’s being used on the road

1 x Calico triangular bandage

3 x Finger bobs

10 x Steriprep wipes (wound cleaner)

1 x Medium type dressing

1 x Eye pad

3 x White open wove bandages

50 x Waterproof & fabric plasters 70 x 24 mm – you’ll be surprised how many you go through

1 x Domiphen lint in cellophane

First aid kits refills are available and Ozzy our dedicated first aider over here suggests keeping a tally sheet of what you have and what you’ve used. Make sure the refills are on your next stationery order. You might also want to call in on the St Johns website where you can find lots of handy first aid fact sheets to keep you up to date.

In the meantime let Ozzy bust a few first aid myths for you!

Put your head back when you have a nosebleed.

That’s a BIG NO from Ozzy. You don’t want blood going down into your stomach and creating vomiting

Apply a hot compress to a sprained ankle.

Nope, cold is always the best thing for any kind of sprain either on the ankle or the wrist

Choking? Get on to the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Obviously its always reassuring to know the proper manoeuvre especially in any office that likes their little snacks! That said the first port of call should be a strong sharp pat on the back. The Heimlich can cause some bruising and damage so its important other things are tried first

Put butter or petroleum jelly onto a burn.

An oldie but a baddie, butter has no place on a burn, neither does ANY kind of jelly. Generally, burns should be swilled gently with cool water. You may use an antibacterial cream to stop the risk of infection however many offices won’t supply creams due to the chances of an allergic reaction

Break a blister.

One for all the warehouse workers. People on their feet all day and those who wear high heels in the office. DONT pop your blisters. If it gets too much like work you might want a plaster or event to pad it our with some gorse to stop it from bursting. You should, however, aim to leave it alone. You won’t need to search for the first aid kits on this one. It’ll go down on its own and in the meantime, the skin is trying to heal.

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