Octopus can supply you with the ideal first aid kit for your office, vehicle or kitchen.

First Aid Kit Manchester

First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit for your office

There are several first aid kits for businesses, depending on what industry it is for or what size business it is.

The standard office kit comes in 2 types, the standard green box kit and the Mezzo first aid kit.

The green box first aid kits are portable and are suitable for businesses up to 10 people, 20 people or 50 people.  They contain all of the essential items that the modern might need, so most small injuries can be treated.  The kits contain plasters, dressings, eye pads and sterile wipes.

The Mezzo first aid kits are ideal for use in the busy office and can be attached to a wall, so always in the right place when needed.

Vehicle Kit

The vehicle first aid kit is a smaller unit designed for individuals that are away from the office.  It contains a small amount of all the essential items such as plasters, dressings, sterile wipes and eye pads.  These a small enough to be tucked behind a seat or in a side door pocket for when needed.


Food Hygiene KitFood Higiene Kit

This kit is ideal for the kitchen, cafe or tea room.  It contains all of the normal first aid items, plus blue plasters and blue gloves, so that they are more visible if they get into food.  Available a a Mezzo style case that can be fastened to a wall using the kit provided, so it is out of the way of food stuffs and cooking utensils.


Burns Kit

A burns kit is designed specifically for minor burns and scalds.  It has non-adherent dressings, hydrogel burns dressings and burn blots to sooth and treat burns in the workplace.

Body Fluid Kit

The body fluid kit is designed to clean up and dispose of vomit, blood and urine.  It contains items such as over sleeves disinfectant spray and absorbant powder.

Van & Truck First Aid Kit

If you run a fleet of trucks or vans, you will probably need to supply your drivers with individual first aid kits.  The truck and van kits contain standard items such as plasters and sterile wipes.  They also contain extra items such as gloves and eyewash pods.

First Aid Kits Delivered Fast

If you need a first aid kit in Manchester, we can help.  We have stock of most kits available for next day delivery nationwide.  If you are based in the Manchester area we can deliver the same day using our fleet of Octopus vans.  You can also order online or by phone and collect from our store in South Manchester.

First Aid Courses For The Office

Do you have a first aider in the office?  St Johns Ambulance do first aid courses for businesses to help keep you complient.  Check out their courses here.

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