Basic stationery such as a pen may be your number one work essential, for some of us we can be really picky about the type of pen we use.

We have put together five interesting office stationery stories behind your basic everyday necessities that might make you think twice when you next go to use them.

The Post-It Note Was Created Accidentally.

In 1974, a guy named Arthur Fry needed something to hold his bookmarks in his hymnal whilst singing in his choir. Something as simple as a small piece of paper but found that it kept falling out.

An employee of 3M at the time Spencer Silver was going above and beyond to research an adhesive that could stick and remove without leaving behind any substance. That’s when they both accidentally created the first ever post-it-note. Today, post-it notes are a handy dandy office must have and are available in a huge range of bright colours and shapes!

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5 Simple Stationery Facts 2

The First Ever Eraser Was Made From Bread.

You might wanna check out your sandwich next time before eating it.

Before the invention of the eraser in 1770, people found that rubbing stale bread crusts would remove markings! Who would have thought? See for yourself with the out of date bread from your kitchen that nobody wants to touch.

Killer Pen Lids

Have you ever thought the reason why there is a small hole at the top of pen lids?

Well even if you haven’t, pen lids are known to have caused over 100 deaths a year due to colleagues
falling into the habit of chewing on their pen lid and accidentally swallowing and choking on it. Therefore a hole is there to help them breath when this happens. Funnily enough this is extremely common.  Take a look at your Bic biro lid next time you’re using it.

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The Floating Pencil

Early American and Russians used pencils during space missions as they can write in zero gravity. NASA engineers were worried about the wood of the pencils setting fire.

After the Apollo 1 fire, NASA banned pencils and inspired Paul Fisher in 1965 to develop the pressurized Fisher Space Pen in favour of the pencil. If you’re planning a trip to space any time soon, try it! Watch out for the flying graphite though.

The Paperclip Used As A Symbol Of Resistance During World War II

The paperclip was used as a symbol of resistance in Norway as Norwegian fighters were taking on the fight of Adolf Hitler’s troops even though Norway had declared itself neutral in the conflict. The paper inserted at 90 degrees would be clipped to their lapel.  These days, it is just used to hold pieces of paper together on offices all over the world.

5 Simple Stationery Facts 5

We hope you enjoyed reading these few facts about your basic work essentials. Take a look at our office stationery, ink and kitchen supplies and receive free next day delivery.

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