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Store you drawings and plans in an Arnos Hang A Plan binder and store in a trolley or wall rack can save space and time as well as creating a more organised office.

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Arnos Hang A Plan Binders

The Arnos range of binders covers all the sizes of drawing that the surveyor or architect would require.  The largest size available is A0, which measures 1188x840mm.  Each binder can accommodate up to 150 sheets of up to A0 size large format paper, however thicker papers would reduce the number of sheets.

Arnos General Hang A Plan BindersQuickfile Binders

The standard Hang A Plan binders are manufactured from anodised aluminium and have a centre handle for a comfortable grip.  This helps with transportation, because the files can be fairly heavy when full.  The binders come in 3 sizes.  A0 at a length of 950mm, A1 at a length of 605mm and the A2 size at just 475mm in length.  The standard Hang A Plan binder comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Arnos Quickfile Hang A Plan Binders

The Arnos Quickfile Hang A Plan binders can save time when adding or removing drawings using the quick release levers.  They are available in 2 sizes, A0 which are 950mm long and A1 which are 650mm long.  The Quickfile binders are made of aluminium with a scratch resistant black powder finish.  Quickfile binders are approximately 20% more expensive than the standard Hang A Plan binders.

Arnos Hang A Plan Trolly

The Arnos Hang A Plan trolley is available in 3 sizes depending on the size of drawings that need to be stored.  Binders of different sizes can be interchanged as long as the trolley is the same size of bigger.  The larger Hang A Plan trolley will hold drawings up to the enormous A0 size, but will also accommodate B1, A1, A2 and A3 size drawings.  The medium size trolley will accept drawings up to A1 size and will also take A2 and A3 plans also.  The smallest trolley in the range will take A2 and A3 size plans and drawings only.

All of the Arnos Hang A Plan trollies have casters for easy manoeuvrability around the office and they are all delivered flat packed for self assembly on site.  The tools required to assemble them are included in the pack.

Arnos Hang A Plan Wall RackArnos-Wall-Rack

Arnos Hang A Plan wall racks are designed for where floor space is limited.  Each wall rack will hold up to 10 binders of any size.  Mixed sizes can be housed on the same wall rack, whether it be standard binders or Quickfile Hang A Plan binders.  There are 3 capacity versions of the Hang A Plan wall rack.  The 2 binder capacity, 5 binder capacity and the 10 binder capacity, all of which are made from satin powder coated steel.

Arnos Hang A Plan binders in Manchester

Octopus offer a free delivery across the UK on all orders over £30, however if you are looking for Arnos Hang A Plan binders in Manchester, we can offer a free delivery service.  We can even deliver the same day on many occasions if stock is available.  Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for more information on same day delivery in Manchester.

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