Octopus supply foil seals to stick to certificates, awards or Christmas gifts.

Foil Seals

Foil Seals

The foil seals that we supply are 50mm (2″) in diameter and are self adhesive.  The peel off the paper backing easily and will fix to many surfaces including, but not limited to the following surfaces.  Paper, card, glass, most plastics, metal and most wooden items.  The edges are serrated, giving them a finish that is difficult to replicate, therefore when they are applied to an item, it will be virtually impossible to remove and replace.

Gold seals

Gold foil seals have a shiny metallic finish.  They are 50mm (2″) in diameter with a serrated edge.  These can be embossed using a standard 40mm embossing press.

Silver SealsGold Virtus Seal

Our silver foil seals have a serrated edge and a shiny metallic finish.  They are 50mm (2″) in diameter and have a permanent adhesive.

Bronze Seals

The bronze foil seals are quite unusual in their colour, however they are the same size as the gold and silver seals (50mm or 2″).  They have the same metallic finish and serrated edge.

Red Seals

Our red paper seals are matt finish.  They are however the same size as the foil seals and also have the serrated edge.

Blue Seals

Blue foil seals are an unusual item, however Octopus have supplied them for many years.  They are metallic and are 50mm (2″) in diameter and have a serrated edge.

Certificate Seals

Embossing Press

All of the above seals can be used as certificate seals.  They can be used plain (not embossed) or be embossed with a number of impressions that we stock. The seals are then placed onto the certificate to authenticate it.

Christmas Seals

Our Christmas seals have become popular over the past few years as they are ideal for sealing presents without using tape.  There are several designs and more being added.  This means no fiddling with scissors and trying to cut the tape and stop it sticking to itself and everything else before it is attached to the gift.

Plain Seals

Plain seals can be used for any function, whether it is sealing gifts, sealing envelopes or as a special seal for a certificate.

Embossing Press

Some of our customers want to produce their own bespoke seals and they buy their own embossing plate to create a seal that is unique to their organisation.  We can help produce the design for the press and supply the seals with the design that we have helped to make.

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