It’s a Spring thing…

The sun starts to come out, the frost starts to thin and there is a certain possibility in the air that spring is on its way. Is it just our imagination or is Spring really so wonderful? Well, Ozzy might have some answers as to why your starting to feel good.

Longer Daylight Hours

Simply, increased light triggers the release of serotonin, the brain chemical that makes us feel happier. So even if we did nothing else apart from stick our head out of the door, we’d just be in a better frame of mind during the Spring season!

Spring Snowdrops
Spring Snowdrops – The First Sign Of Spring?

Getting Outdoors

The milder temperatures of Spring encourage us to just get outside a little more; whether it’s for a lunchtime walk or switching up your commute to take in a bit more of the outdoors, it all requires us to be more active, which releases lovely feel-good endorphins. These are pretty addictive, so just making the effort to go for that first walk will make the next one much easier!


A study published in the Review of Economics and Statistics found that when daylight saving hours kicked in (springing forward), there was a 27% drop in robberies in the early evening and a 7% drop in robberies overall across the day! So Spring = Safer!

Spring Flower Power

When flowers who have been huddled up all winter feel the increase in temperature that comes with spring, they start to bloom and this is particularly good for humans as it seems we love flowers… A study from Rutgen University found that when people receive a bunch of flowers it resulted in what scientists call a ‘true smile’ EVERY time!


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