Try a kneeling chair to make you sit up straight.

Kneeling Chair

Kneeling Chair

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The traditional kneeling chair forces the user into sitting more upright and helps to stop a slouching posture.  The automatic gas adjustable seat height can be adjusted from 480 to 620mm, so is suitable for people of varying heights.

Chair Fabric Colours Options

Our Trexus chair has a sleek and robust steel frame in a silver finish.  The fabric of the chair is available in blue or charcoal and meets with all British standards for safety.

Weight Limit Of A Kneeling Chairblack-kneeling-chair

The maximum weight that the chair is designed for is 114kg or 18 stones.

How much To Use A Kneeling Chair

The Trexus chair is designed for use in the office or home.  It is not suitable for people sitting for more than 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.  It is advisable to have regular breaks from sitting in any position, so standing up and moving around as often as possible is generally a good idea.

Assembly Of Your Chair

The Trexus chair requires some self assembly.  The frame is in one piece and the seat pads are fitted, however the casters have to be attached, which is a simple job.  The chair packaging could change over time and require different assembly requirements, ie seat pads to be fitted.  If this is the case, all fittings will be included and any tools required will also be inside the box.

Kneeling Chair In Manchester or Cheshire

All chairs that Octopus supply in the Manchester and Cheshire area are delivered and assembled for our customers.  This takes the hassle out of buying a chair because you don’t have to find the tools required and risk putting it together incorrectly.

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