A Versapak cash bag will help to keep your money secure in transit.

Versapak Cash Bag

Versapak Cash Bag

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Octopus supply a range of cash bags for use in all kinds of business premises.  Hotels, bars, shops or offices that deal in cash all require a secure way of handling money from the cash register to the bank or office.  Each cash bag has a window pocket to place a card label to identify who the bag belongs to or where it is from.  The label is inserted from the inside, so cannot be removed or altered without the seal being broken.

Both sizes of the Versapak cash bag are made of strong vinyl and are stitched with strong cotton.  These bags can be used over 2000 times if used for the purpose of handling cash.

Small Versapak Cash Bag

The small Versapak cash bag is designed for a small amount of coins or notes as the actual size is 178x152x50mm.  It has a sturdy zip that can can be locked into place using a security seal that is either numbered or plain.  The small Versapak cash bag is available in red or blue as standard, but other colours are available to order.  Each cash bag also has an eyelet that can be used to attach to a hook or to label the cash bag with a tag.

Large Versapak Cash Bag

The large Versapak cash bag can hold more coins and cash due to its larger size.  The large cash bag is 267x267x50mm and like its smaller brother, it has a strong zip that can be used over 2000 times to numbered-sealssecure money whilst being transported.  The larger cash bags are available in red or blue as standard and like the smaller bags can be sealed using special seals that are numbered or plain.

Versapak Numbered Seals

The Versapak numbered seals are designed to secure the zip of the bag closed whilst the money is in transit.  The sender makes a note of the number of the seal and that numbered seal should still intact when it arrives with the recipient.

Cash Bag Manchester

If you need to transport cash and you are based in Manchester, we can help by providing secure cash bags quickly.  Octopus stock several sizes of cash bag in blue or red colour for same day delivery in the Manchester area.

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