One key way to organise and plan the fresh year ahead is with a paper-based diary, and there are more advantages to using one than you may have realised.

What are the benefits of using a paper diary?

If you like planning ahead with a physical diary now could be the perfect time to order yours for 2024. Get it done while there are still weeks to go until the new year; otherwise the task of remembering to order business diaries can slip or even be forgotten during the busy Christmas period.

If you don’t already manage appointments and so on via a desk diary, here are some of the benefits you may not have considered:

  1. Research has shown that, by writing something like an appointment down by hand, we’re making a commitment to it and are therefore more likely to keep it.
  2. You’ll never need to recharge the batteries of a physical diary or worry that a lost web connection will mean you can’t access it. Plus it will be portable at all times. And there won’t be any interruptions due to site maintenance. Nor will hackers try and access it.
  3. A paper diary is clearly yours to keep. Even buying a time-management app doesn’t make it yours. You’ve merely purchased a license to access and use a digital platform. The information you store is at the mercy of the supplier.
  4. You may even find writing by hand quite soothing. Writing by hand forces you to slow down, and think about what you are writing, helping you to order your thoughts before you put them down on paper.

Diaries also make great corporate gifts . . .

Diaries make excellent corporate gifts for staff or clients, and are a tangible way of showing appreciation. And the best thing about them? They’re obviously designed to last for a full year, so you can look forward to continuous brand exposure every day for 365 days.

Check out what we offer

Especially if you’re giving diaries to clients, they need to be high-quality. (And of course they have to be durable enough to last for 12 months.)

At Octopus Office Products, we have a brilliant line-up of diaries, available in A4 and A5 in red, black or blue with a day or week per page, at reasonable prices.

All of the above benefits of diaries, by the way, also apply to calendars, and we stock plenty of those as well, so you can manage the whereabouts of everyone in your team with a wall chart.

Order yours now in plenty of time for 2024, especially if you’re considering giving these items as Christmas gifts. Shop online for speedy delivery or pick up yourself from our trade counter in Stockport – and do be in touch with any queries you may have.

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