A long arm stapler to get to those hard to reach areas.

Long Arm Stapler

Long Arm/Reach Stapler

Octopus have been supplying staplers and stapling machines for many years to businesses in the UK.  We are based in South Manchester, but often supply businesses all over England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with long arm/reach staplers.


For making up booklets that need to be stapled down the centre spine, the long arm/long reach stapler is perfect.  All three models have the ability to staple in the traditional way or to tack.  Tacking is where the staples fold out to the sides rather than inward.  The staple is easier to remove if stapled this way and also makes less of a mark on the paper.

5 Star Long Arm Stapler

The long arm stapler from 5 Star is our entry level product and has a throat depth of 12 inches or 300mm.  This means it can easily staple into the centre of an A3 sheet of paper to produce A4 booklets or menus.  The 5 Star stapler uses standard 26/6 or 24/6 staples, which are widely available and are the most common staple used in the UK.  This basic stapler is capable of stapling through 20 sheets of standard 70gsm paper, however this would be considerably reduced if using a card cover for your booklet / menu.

Rexel Long Reach Stapler

The Rexel long reach stapler has been a recommended product for many years.  It has a throat depth of 280mm, giving it the capability to staple to the centre of an A3 sheet.  The Rexel stapler uses No56 or No16 staples and can comfortably staple through 15 sheets of 80gsm paper.  Again, this is reduced if card or thicker paper is being used.  As with all Rexel staplers, the long arm version comes with a 5 year guarantee, which is an assurance of the quality of this product.  Rexel are a brand owned by the stationery giant Acco.

Leitz Long Reach Stapler

The Leitz long arm stapler is a strong and sturdy stapling machine.  It has a throat depth of 300mm, giving it the ability to make up an A4 booklet or menu.  This heavier duty stapler can staple up to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper and accepts standard 26/6 staples.  For thicker stapling jobs however, the use of 24/6 staples is recommended due to their stronger construction.

long reach stapler     long arm stapler

Delivery Of Long Arm/Reach Staplers

Octopus deliver long reach staplers all over the UK using a selection of delivery partners.  We use our own transport in our local area of Greater Manchester and Cheshire, so speedy deliveries are easily achieved.

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