What are printed document corners?

In a nutshell, document corners (also called legal or accountants’ corners and document triangles) are those small pieces of card which wrap around your documents, typically in the top left-hand corner. Their function is to keep vital papers in place and undamaged, while protecting the document.

The main users of these handy little things are professional firms including solicitors and barristers (hence the name legal corners) but also accountants, architects, insurance providers, estate agents and finance companies. Their use is wide-raging, but you’ll find them particularly on legal documents, surveys, reports, company quotes, contracts and tender documents.

You can also use them on personal paperwork, such as a will. This can keep potentially sensitive documents safe, secure and easy to identify.

Some greetings card producers are even starting to make use of document corners as an eco-friendly way of keeping their cards in tip-top condition with less packaging.

Further benefits of printed document corners

Document corners are neat, attractive and keep papers in one place in a professional, smart-looking way. At the same time, they hide potentially unsightly staples.

They can be made from 100% recycled material, and you can brand them with your own name and corporate logo to help you stand out if you’re operating in a particularly competitive marketplace, and reinforce your branding to customers. (Equally, if you add you contact details such as phone number, web address and social media handles or even a QR code, clients will have easy access to that information too.)

Additionally, if you custom colour-code these corners, you create a clear filing system for cabinets, so that you can easily retrieve documents when you need them.

Document corners from Octopus Office Supplies

At Octopus, we offer these products in a bespoke format, complete with your company logo, at reasonable prices. In all, we produce legal corners in six separate, smart colours including black, blue, green, red, purple and grey. But if need them in any other shade, talk to us – we can make them in any colour you like.

The size of the corners is 65mm across the apex of the triangle, with the two shorter sides each measuring 45mm. There’s a silver ‘scales of justice’ logo, strategically placed to go over and hide any staples you may be using. (Alternatively, use them inside out for blank corners.)

As well as a full range of general office supplies, we provide a good line-up for legal firms specifically, including files, pads and folders. So you can buy everything you need in one go, either online or by placing your order via our click-and-collect service, so you reserve what you need and pick it up from our trade counter in Stockport.

Give us a call on 0161 429 8118 and let us know what you need.

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