Talking about mental health at work – Let’s get it out in the open.

Mental Health At Work - Lets Talk About It 3There has been loads of talk about getting mental health out in the open, but it is still a tricky topic to tackle, especially in the workplace.

Mental health is the way we think and feel, and our ability to deal with ups and downs. it’s something we all have. Just in the same way as our physical health, we need to be able to spot the symptoms because if we do, we can do something about it.

Here are the signs that you or a colleague might need some help:

  • Being more tired than usual
  • Making uncharacteristic mistakes
  • Finding it hard to motivate ourselves
  • Being short tempered
  • Being distracted
  • Procrastinating or being chaotic
  • Withdrawing from social situations
  • Avoiding work all together


Top tips for helping people with their mental health at work:


Create an environment where everyone knows it is ok to talk about their mental health, and that the business is there to help each and every individual with that.


It might seem like the least of someone’s problems, but food plays a massive part in our mental health and can provide an almost immediate boost.


Regular breaks to unwind for ten minutes during the day can calm and ease tension and provide breathing space for people to just have some me time.


Even walking for 30 minutes a day will boost self-esteem and sleep. As an employer, you can really help people by giving everyone the time during the day to get at least some exercise.


People need to be able to talk to someone they trust, this often won’t be their line manager so don’t force it, let people choose who they talk to and when. Just make the time and space available for everyone.


We can’t always choose who we work with but working in a supportive team is hugely important for our mental health at work.

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