January might bring a new year but it also brings the cold and flu season! As everyone in the office tries to leave the biscuit tin alone you might see them all reaching for the Lemsip instead!

Don’t despair though, Ozzy is always here to offer you some sound advice, here are his top tips for keeping the office clean and germ-free.

Encourage Hand Washing

It may go without saying but we should all be washing our hands whether it’s in the restrooms or the kitchen before making lunch. Make sure these areas have plenty of hand wash available and perhaps even a few polite signs to remind the forgetful ones!

Provide Hand Sanitiser

You’ve got the whole office washing their hands regularly however how about topping that up with hand sanitiser. Providing some for each desk is a great way to keep those germs at bay.

Provide plenty of tissues

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, its not just a catching rhyme. Providing tissues around the office not only helps those with the sniffles, but it can also help stop the spread of bugs.

Tidy Desk Policy

Perhaps not popular with everyone however a tidy desk means a tidy mind. It also means it is easier to wipe down and keep clean.

Stay Free Of Germs In The Office - Ozzys Top Tips 2

Encourage everyone to use desk tidies and letter trays, you can then provide them with some handy desk wipes to keep their tidy space sparkling!

Keep The Kitchen A Mecca Of Cleanliness

We’ve all experienced the horror a shared kitchen can bring! If your not lucky enough to have a daily (or hourly) cleaner then making sure your cleaning supplies are topped up regularly might help to stop the spread of germs, dishes, cups and cutlery. You could always invest in a dishwasher too – just don’t forget the tablets!

We hope that helps and feel free to share your top tips for office cleanliness, who knows Ozzy might even feature them in his next post.

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