The Fellowes monitor arm can save space and set your screen at the ideal height.

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The Fellowes range of monitor arms are designed for the person who has little space on their desk.  This could be because they requires more than one monitor or just that their desk space is limited.

Single Monitor Arm

If you only need a one monitor to be lifted off the desk, the standard single monitor arms should do the trick.  It will support a monitor up to 21″ and a weight of 9KG.  The desk it is clamping to will require a 2″ overhand at the back of the desk, although most desks have much more than this anyway.

The monitor arm can swivel a full 360 degrees, making it good if people are sharing a screen.  The vertical tilt on the single monitor arm (8038201) is un to 45 degrees, which helps to get the screen in exactly the right position.

Double Arm

Fellowes make a double arm version (8042501) to house 2 individual monitors.  Each arm gas 360 degree rotation meaning screens can be shared between back to back desks.  Both arms have gas spring technology which helps with the adjustment.  The arms that hold the monitors can be stretched over 800mm apart and up to 496mm towards the user.  This flexibility makes it ideal for the user to put their monitor exactly where it is required.

For convenience there are 2 USB ports situated into the base that can be used to charge phones or tablets.

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Clamping to a desk is easy, there just needs to be an overhand at the back of the desk of over 2″.  Most desks have a larger overhang than this as standard.  The clamp can also be mounted through the cable port of the desk if it is large enough.

The maximum weight capacity the Fellowes double monitor arm can accommodate is 9KG per arm.

Triple Monitor Arm

Triple arm monitor holder is basically the same as the double, except for the fact it can hold 3 screens.

Arm Delivery

We offer free next day delivery nationwide on the Fellowes range, as our carriage free deliveries start at £30 + VAT.  We offer free same day delivery in Manchester from our Stockport depot.  You just need to call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 to order over the phone.

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