Postal scales for use in the general office or post room.

Postal Scales

Postal Scales

Every business needs an accurate set of postal scales for the office letters and parcels.

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Postal Scales For Letters And Small Parcels

Octopus supply a range of letter scales that are designed for use in the small office.  They can weigh up to 6kg, so are useful for weighing all letters and small parcels.  These scales normally weigh post in 1 or 2g increments which means they are very accurate to ensure that the correct postage is paid.

Postal Scales For Letters And Medium Parcelsletter-scales

The larger letter and parcel scales that we supply can weigh up to 16 or 34kg and are great for weighing all letters as well as small to medium parcels.  These scales generally have a larger platform to to accommodate the larger items.

The 16kg postal scale weighs items in 2g increments up to 1kg and after which in 5g increments up to 16kg.  The 32kg postal scales weigh items in 5g increments up to 1kg and then 10g increments up to 34kg.

Postal Scales For Parcels

Octopus supply a range of Salter parcel scales that can weigh up to 300kg.  These parcel scales are normally used in post rooms or dispatch areas.  There are 3 models in the range, ranging from 60kg, 120kg to 300kg.

The 60kg parcel scale weighs parcels in increments of 20 grams and the 120 & 300kg scales weigh in increments of 50 grams.  All of the parcel scales in this range have an extra large platform for use with larger parcels.  The size of the 60kg and 120kg platform is 380x300mm and the 300kg parcel scale has a platform of 550x550mm, giving plenty of room for giant size packages.

Both of these parcel scales also have a separate display, so that if a parcel overhangs the platform it will not obscure the screen.

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