If you are looking for a quality leather feel executive chair with a host of adjustments, the Zeus 24 hour chair could be the ONE.

Zeus 24 Hour Chair

The Zeus 24 hour chair has many adjustments to make it as perfect as can be for your sitting position.  Most of the adjustments can be done from the seated position, so that the perfect posture can be achieved to make the chair as comfortable as possible. Zeus High Back   Zeus Medium Back

Gas Height Adjustment24 Hour Chair

As with most chairs in the 21st century, gas height adjustment is a standard feature.  The lever is pulled upwards and gently presses a button on the gas cylinder and the seat will go higher or lower depending on whether there is sufficient weight on the chair.

Weight Tension Control

The weight tension control is adjusted to the users weight to ensure that there is a smooth tilting action.

Seat depth

The seat slide function allows the seat to be moved forwards and backwards to allow more seat to be used.  This is a useful for taller people, so that in effect the backrest is further away.  It is best for the person using the chair to make this adjustment whilst seated.

Back Height

The height of the backrest can be adjusted using the rachet system.  This has to be adjusted from the rear of the chair, however it is a quick and simple adjustment and no levers or knobs have to be used to select one of the multiple height options that you have to choose from.  There are 2 heights of Zeus 24 hour chair, the medium back and the high back.  There is 125mm (5″) difference between the high back and the medium back.

Back Rake Adjustment

The back rake adjustment moves the back rest forward and backwards (nearer and further away from your body).  This helps if you would like the backrest to be in contact with your spine whilst you are seated.  This should be done from the seated position by the person using the chair.

Seat Tilt Adjustment

The seat tilt adjustment changes the angle of the seat, so that once you have adjusted the seat height, your feet are still be in contact with the floor.  This should be done from the seated position by the person that is going to use the chair in order for the correct angle to be achieved.

Adjustable Arms

The soft padded height adjustable arms can be moved higher or lower so that they don’t interfere with your desk.  Some people however like them higher to offer support whilst seated.  They can be adjusted from the seated position by simply pressing a button on each and lifting them or dropping them to the required height.

Swivel Base

The 5 star nylon swivel base is widely used on UK office chairs today.  The black base has casters that allow easy movement to gain the perfect distance from your desk and computer screen.

Weight CapacityDynamo Ergo Leather

The Zeus 24 hour chair has a heavy duty mechanism which has a weight capacity of up to 150KG. This is just over 23 stone to anybody over the age of 30.

Need An Even Better chair?

If you are looking for an even better chair than the Zeus, check out the Dynamo ergo posture chair.  It has loads of adjusments and comes in real leather or mesh.  There are also 2 height backs, one that has a head rest and one without.

How To Sit Properly In An Office Chair

If you are not sure how you should be sitting in your office chair, take a look at this NHS information page to check how you are sitting and minimise the risk of damaging your spine.

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