Are you a shop or store owner? Recently, the go-ahead has been given for shops and businesses across the country to start opening back up. We understand this means an increased consideration to health and safety so we have put together some essential products to help you get your business back on track with the new measures required to keep both staff and customers protected.


Steel Foot Operated Sanitising Station for Covid Control Opening up your business safely 1

Sanitising station for use in reception areas or areas of high footfall. It is pedal operated for minimum hand contact and has a shelf for tissues or wipes to be stored. The sturdy post also has a sign holder for instructions or your company logo.


Non-Slip Floor Label – Stop Keep Your Distance 400mm Diameter

This bright red floor label will help keep staff and customers mindful of the social distancing policy in your premises. Whether this be in queuing to at tills or separating areas of a reception. This large 400mm diameter is hard wearing with non-slip coating and also comes in a 235mm size.


Polyvinyl Desk Screen (in various sizes from 700mm x (800mm to 1800mm)Opening up your business safely 2

Our polyvinyl desk screens protect people from cross contamination whilst still allowing communication and a clear view. Made from aluminium and polyvinyl they are light weight and moveable. Our screens range from 800mm to 1800mm wide (with many size options in-between) with stabilising feet to keep them secure and upright. They are also fire retardant and anti-microbial to reduce the risk of airborne germs during your reopening.


*We also have Polyvinyl Floor Screens so protection doesn’t just have to be for desk spaces. At 2 metres high it is tall enough to protect the vast majority of people.*


Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser Dispenser AND Hand Sanitiser Refill Cartridge

The Deb hand sanitiser dispenser is compact and durable. As it is wall mountable, it is also ideal where space is limited. You don’t need to look far for refills for the dispenser either as well can also provide these too. Deb InstantFOAM® Complete alcohol-based foam hand sanitiser is great for killing bacteria in the hands. Use without water to kill 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds. It’s perfect for use in any hygiene sensitive environment, or in the average workplace.


Face masks and Visors

We have a variety of PPE for different environments. Find the perfect one for your shop or business to help opening back up, be less worrisome and help staff feel safer.


Clear Polypropylene Adjustable Visor

Lightweight disposable visor for single use. Helps to reduce infection. Adjustable

Surgical Face Masks

Helps to reduce infection. Surgical face mask for helping to prevent the spread of infections.

FFP2 Face Mask

FFP2 face mask to help reduce the spread of infections. Helps to reduce infection

For more information on how to safely reopen your business post-Coronavirus click here


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