What face covering on public transport is recommended by the government?

Face Covering on Public Transport

You will be required to wear a face covering on public transport in England from 15th June 2020.  The coverings are not designed to protect you from coronavirus, but to help prevent you from passing on the disease if you have it.

What Should you be Wearing?

The government guidelines is to wear a face covering if you are using public transport of any kind.  The face masks don’t have to be surgical face masks, in fact the guidelines even describe how to make your own.

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Washable Face Covering on Public Transport

People are wearing surgical face masks that may not washable and therefore are being thrown away.  Some are being disposed of in normal litter bins where they can potentially be blown out and contaminate other things.

Face Covering
Standard Multi-purpose Face Covering Snood

It would be more environmentally friendly to use a washable face covering that can be used daily and dried overnight.  The Fason polyester snoods that we supply are ideal for this purpose.

The Fazon snood is approximately 500mm in length and made from stretchy polyester and can be used for many other uses as well as a face covering on public transport.  It is washable in a washing machine or by hand and dries quickly as it holds very little water.

Re-useable Face Covering

Because the snood can be washed and dried quickly, it can be used and re-used regularly.  Re-using a face covering is better than using a disposable face mask that will end up in the bin at the end of each day.

Long Term Uses

So, when things start to get back to normal, what are you going to do with your face mask?  Throw it away or put it in a drawer to gather dust?

The Fazon face covering can be put to many uses including a face mask as described above, bur also approximately a dozen other uses.

A headband for when playing sports such as tennis to prevent the sweat going into your eyes.

It can be used as a bandana for use when cycling or just to keep the sun off your head.  There is a simple trick to create a bandana in 2-3 seconds.

When it’s cold in winter, they are often used as a neck warmer.  Scrunched up, they really do fill the gap between coat and skin.

As a snood, they cover your neck and head to help prevent the wind from making you cold.

If you have a motorcycle or wear a full face helmet, they work really well as a balaclava.  There is a certain way of folding it that when mastered takes seconds to perfect.

A beanie style hat can be made out of a snood in a couple of second by simply twisting the snood half way along.

If you are a squash player or any other racquet sport the Fazon snood can be used as a wrist sweat band.  Just wrap it 3-4 times around your wrist and hey presto – it’s done.

As a head and neck covering for when you are gardening or doing any other activity where you are bent over in the sun.  Just put the head tube on your head and let it drape over your neck.


Face Covering with Reflective Strip
Reflective Multi-Purpose Face Covering Snood

The Fazon head tube is not only versatile, but also convenient.  It is small enough to be rolled up and can fit into a purse, handbag or even a pocket until it is required.  You can wear it on public transport to work, put it in your purse or pocket all day and use it on the way home.  Just make sure you wash your hands before and after touching it – that is really important!

Home Made Face Covering

The government have advised that you can make your own face covering using an old T-shirt.  There are even instructions on how to make them on the gov.uk website.  The same applies to these though – what will you do with is when things get back to normal?

See government instructions here.

When do the New Rules Take Effect?

The rules concerning the face covering on public transport commence on 15th June 2020.  From that day on until the government change the rules, you have to wear a face covering to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

What Modes of Transport are Included?

The rules concerning the wearing of a face covering on public transport include buses, trains, trams and ferries.  Taxi drivers also have the authority to insist that you wear a face covering and they can deny you a trip if you are not wearing one.

Are You Using Public Transport in Manchester?

If you are using public transport in the Manchester area, we have large stock of face covering snoods that can be ordered online and collected before your journey.  We have thousands of face coverings available for click and collect and in a choice of desgns too.  Just order online here and click to collect your order from our Stockport address at SK3 0BR.

Is Your Office Ready For Re-opening?

Many offices and shops are also re-opening soon and they need to show that they are keeping everybody safe.  Octopus stock a range of PPE and signage to help make your workplace conform to government guidelines.

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