Some interesting facts on St. David.

As we approach St Davids day Ozzy has got is fact-finding head on, it’s not all dragons and myth you know! There’s lots to learn about St David, so here are some of the top interesting facts.

  1. Ozzys Facts on St David 1St David lived to be over 100 (Ozzy is pretty impressed considering the average Octopus only lives 3-5 years)
  2. He is the patron saint of poets, you know how much Ozzy loves to write a good poem!
  3. St Davids is the smallest city in the UK, not sure if we have made any deliveries over there but Ozzy wouldn’t mind a visit
  4. If Ozzy does make it over there he might be visiting the Shrine of Saint David which was declared so important that 2 pilgrimages have been there one equal to that of Rome
  5. And let’s not forget that St David is said to have been born in Pembrokeshire, hence why he means so much to Wales!

Do you know anything else interesting about St David?

Ozzy isn’t sure where the dragon comes in, but any excuse to get dressed up as you’ll see from his Facebook Account! 

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