Padded bags will help protect your items from being damaged in the post.

Padded Bags

Padded Bags

Octopus supply a range of padded bags from the tiny No 000 to the giant No 8.


Jiffy Padded Bags

The name Jiffy is best known for the padded bags they have produced for many years.  They now make a range of bags that are bubble lined and foam lined too.

Jiffy White Bubble Bags


The white bubble lined bags from Jiffy are available in the Mailmiser or Airkraft range.  The Mailmiser made from an extra strong tear resistant paper over a super lightweight bubble lining.  This is designed to keep your postage costs low whilst protecting your items from being damaged in the post.  They have a peel and seal closure which ensures that the contents stay inside the bag until they reach their destination.  The Mailmiser bags range in sizes from size 000 which is popular for small items such as jewellery.  The largest size in this range is size 7 and is able to accept A3 sized items.

Jiffy Gold Bubble Bagsjiffy bag gold


The Jiffy Gold bubble bags are also made in either the Mailmiser or the Airkraft range.  The Airkraft envelope is made from lightweight paper outer shell that is tear resistant and a laminated bubble lining to help keep the contents in one piece.  These range in sizes from size 0 that is suitable for items such as CD’s up to size 8, which will hold A2 size documents.

Jiffy Green Padded Envelopes


The Jiffy Green padded bags are made from an extremely strong paper outer that is puncture and tear resistant.  The padding in this envelope is up to 65% recycled paper that is designed to protect heavy or bulky items.  The bottom of the bag is double glued to ensure extra protection.  The peel and seal closure

Jiffy Foam Lined Mailersjiffy foam mailer

Jiffy foam lined mailers are thinner than the standard bubble bags, however they are equal in drop test performance to the more traditional bubble bags.  Being thinner, they can also reduce postage costs and storage costs.  The foam lined mailers are available in a small selection of sizes, those being size 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Jiffy Bags In A Jiffy!

At Octopus, we stock a wide selection of bubble bags, padded envelopes and foam mailers for delivery the same day in Manchester and Cheshire.  To order for same day delivery or to order for collection, please call 0161 429 8118.

Size Chart and Suggested Uses

Size 000 – 90x145mm – A7 size.  Often used for small jewellery items or key rings.

Size 00 – 115x195mm – A6 size.  Great for small computer components.

Size 0 – 140x195mm – CD size.  Great for CD’s and DVD’s in a jewel case.

Size 1 – 170x245mm – A5 size.  Suitable for DVD’s in a standard movie case.

Size 2 – 205x245mm – Ideal for small gifts such as gloves, underwear or socks.

Size 3 – 220x320mm – Thin A4 size.  Certificates, photographs or medium gifts such as sports wear.

Size 4 – 240x320mm – Standard A4 size.  Great for thin books, magazines or brochures.

Size 5 – 260x345mm – Large A4 Size.  Ideal for picture frames, bound documents or larger gifts such as T-shirts, Shorts or children’s clothes.

Size 6 – 290x445mm – Extra large A4 size.  Suitable for ring binders, large gifts such as clothing, shoes etc.

Size 7 – 340x445mm – A3 size.  Good for A3 documents, clothing such as coats and boots.

Size 8 – 450x650mm – A2 size.  Great for very large items such as sports equipment and furniture components.

All padded bags are available with a peel and seal strip.  Most sizes are available in either white or gold colour.

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