It’s surprising how by making just a few changes during your working hours can make a huge difference to you, both physically and mentally.

You’ll find that you enjoy work a lot more when there’s a fun element to it. Taking time out for yourself will reap benefits.

We’ve all heard of a work-life balance, but how on earth do you get it?

See below for Ozzy’s essential tips and make a start on getting the balance right!


Mixing things up is a great way to generate a bit of fun in your day. Doing things differently is a proven way of keeping your brain healthy and engaged. As an idea, try taking notes with your left hand (if you’re right-handed). Try a stand-up meeting for a change. Standing up makes you more alert and positive and makes for shorter meetings!

Some companies make use of a desk swap. Taking it a little further, adopt a hot desk policy. This way people don’t get cluttered and stagnant on their desks.

Office Workplace Hot Desking
Office Workplace Hot Desking


We’re not talking lunch here, this involves using a bean bag / frisbee / softball etc and throwing to each person at your meeting. Giving them the chance to explain as quickly as possible their main objectives of the day, before they whizz it on to the next person.

This technique is a sure-fire hit and is ideal for quickly bringing the whole team up to speed with projects and pressing issues. Just make sure your aim is good!


Lunch Hour Break Podcast
Take a break – Walk in the park or listen to a podcast

Even in the best workplaces, it’s still important to your mental state to switch off when you can. A lunchtime treat can make even the worst day bearable. Create a playlist or download a favourite podcast and go for a walk, or find a quiet corner and read a book. It’s all food for your brain!

Where possible get outside and encourage others to do the same. Come rain or sun it’s good to get fresh air and come back to your desk feeling refreshed.


We all know its controversial and many of us can’t do without a morning cuppa but why not try switching to a decaffeinated brew. Better still try a cleansing, calming herbal tea instead.

A detox brew can be beneficial to your system and will keep you calm and concentrated right through to home time.

On top of this, we also like to be organised! Keeping your diary up to date and keeping on top of your to-do list can help keep you happy.

Just make sure it’s not all work and no play!


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