It National Biscuit day this week so we thought we would take one of the team, do our research and find out what the best office biscuits selection is.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to factor biscuits into your office supplies delivery then you want to be sure you’re getting the best biscuit for your needs. Can you believe that some people think it’s acceptable to dunk a Jaffa Cake in a brew? Not on our watch! But which biscuits should be a staple in the office and which should remain a Xmas treat? Here’s our rundown.


Rich tea biscuits

So some people might look down on the humble Rich Tea, it’s dull, there’s no real excitement about it but we happen to love it. Dunking wise your fairly safe just don’t leave it too long AND it won’t over flavour your brew or coffee.

Chocolate Biscuits
Chocolate Biscuits


The bigger harder brother of the rich tea, digestive biscuits are s a sturdy biscuit that will soak up a lot of tea or coffee. You’re not expecting much more on the flavour front but for a brekkie break or an afternoon brew, you couldn’t ask for better. There are even those that like a slice of cheese on their digestive but we wouldn’t suggest trying to dunk it in your brew after that.


Not one for the faint-hearted, a ginger zing at the beginning of your day might be just a little too much but who knows?! Its a great dunker with the only drawback is you do get a brew that tastes like ginger and your coffee turns into a ginger latte.


If the digestive is the big brother then the hobnob is the daddy of all biscuits! A completely safe bet on the dunking front its a filling biscuit that offers a subtle flavour to go with any type of brew, perhaps even a green tea. (but really who has biscuits with green tea)

Custard cream biscuits

We wouldn’t class this as a morning brew option, at a push maybe 11’s but for your afternoon pick me up there really is nothing better than custard cream biscuits and a strong cup of tea. You might have to plate these up and limit yourself to 3 however as they can be quite moreish.


Perhaps a controversial biscuit to have on the weekly order. Some love shortbread biscuits for their soaking up qualities, some hate them for their crumbliness. We can agree however that shortbread when done well has a very delicious buttery quality that could be just what you need on a cold winters afternoon when the week seems a little bit too long.


A British classic that might conjure up memories of your Grandams house on a Sunday afternoon. Bourbon biscuits are full of chocolate goodness and paired with a strong cup of coffee you will seriously get an afternoon kick!

Jaffa Cakes

So coming back to the Jaffa, we could go on and on about how it isn’t really a cake but its also not a biscuit but we won’t. These bad boys are a great Friday afternoon treat, just be sure to order enough boxes as a handful of Jaffa’s doesn’t even touch the sides in our office!

There you go, a biscuit buffet for every occasion, if your feeling really daring you might even order yourselves a selection box and keep everyone happy! What’s your chosen biscuit and brew combination?


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