Plastic Envelopes

Plastic Envelopes

Use plastic envelopes to give extra protection to your documents


Clear Plastic Envelopes


Plastic envelopes are available in clear or opaque and in many different sizes.  The clear envelopes are more common in the C5 and C4 postsafe bagssize.  The clear envelopes can come with or without a panel, which is used to stick labels, stamps or where the envelope can be franked.

All clear envelopes have a peel and seal strip that means they have a long shelf life and they seal securely.

Opaque Envelopes


The most common type of plastic envelopes for posting are the opaque style, which are usually grey or white in colour.  They are available in many sizes from the smallest C5 envelope up to the giant 850 x 700mm envelope.  The largest sizes are ideal for posting large bulky items such as clothing or homeware and protecting it from water damage.

There are several qualities of opaque envelopes.  There are lightweight envelopes that can save money on postage, whilst giving some protection from dirt and water.  If more protection is required there are heavyweight plastic envelopes that are burstproof, so even objects with square edges can be posted with confidence.

DX Envelopes

Polythene envelopes have been used by law practices for years to transport files and documents.  They DX envelopes can be sent from office DX Bagsto office with the knowledge that the contents will be protected from the elements.  They can also be transported with the added benefit of the envelopes being tamper evident.  This means if anybody should open the DX envelope it cannot be re-sealed without it being obvious.


Grey Mailing Envelopes For Mail Order

We supply a range of grey mailing bags for the mail order indutry.  These are a cheaper, slightly thinner envelope that is great for high volume postage, where the contents are not fragile.  These grey plastic envelopes are waterproof and will protect the contents against rain, snow and the odd splash from a puddle.


Protective Envelopes Manchester

If you require envelopes in the Greater Manchester or Cheshire area, Octopus can help.  Get in touch with us if you require same day delivery.  We have stocks of many sizes of clear or opaque plastic envelopes and can often deliver the same day.

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