Something as simple as putting pen to paper in the new digital age has somehow lost its appeal to so many people. Even though the human race has been writing for 6000 years or more.

In spite of this downturn, it has been proven in various research, that you are over 40% more likely to meet your targets by writing your thoughts on a regular basis down on paper, or Post-it notes.

Once you establish the mindset you’ll find it extremely beneficial to your way of life.

Here are FIVE important points on why writing down your thoughts can help you.

1. Thoughts don’t hang around for long – Post-it notes could be the answer?

Post-it NotesThe average short term memory isn’t the most reliable in holding onto ideas. This is why keeping a pack of Post-it notes on your desk or somewhere to hand will make sure you won’t ever forget those great ideas.

2. Making sure your priorities get done.

As Post-It notes come in many colours this can be of great use. This is extremely helpful when listing out your intentions and priorities. It works well when you opt for a simple method and sticking to just a few colours. Overdoing it will just lead to more confusion.

3. Helpful to make sure you have focus.

We’re all guilty of getting lost in our business day and at some point, it’s easy to lose track of what needs to be done. Post-it notes are great for reminders to ensure your list gets completed and goals are fulfilled.

4. You can see clearer.

Having way too many thoughts buzzing around your head can become very stressful. make it easy on yourself and jot down your thoughts. This will help you to relax and think much clearer. Problem solved.

5. Post-It notes boost daily progress

It really helps to make notes of your day to keep a record of your targets, your thoughts and how you dealt with them. This is also a perfect way to check how you spent your time throughout your working day.

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Give this a go, it’s a proven method and really helps with getting things done. Get your Post-it notes today and see what improvements you can make this week.


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