Newton formed the theory of gravity while sitting in his garden. Archimedes developed a method for determining the volume of an object while sitting in the bath.

Whilst Charles Dickens got lots of his ideas for characters by roaming the streets of London. So, what do they all have in common? They gave themselves space to be creative.

With the topic of boosting creativity thinking in mind, we share our tips for getting the most out of that brain muscle.

Where you can, try to do your creative work in the afternoon.

Boosting Creative Thinking In The Office 1Our well-rested brains are on maximum efficiency in the mornings, which is best suited to tasks that require focus and detail. Use the afternoon to spark your creative thoughts. Do remember though that you are the best judge of when your creative juices are flowing. If you wake up with a plethora of ideas then get pen to paper straight away!

Writing ideas down.

Firstly, it helps you keep track of them.. Especially when they come at crazy times like in the middle of the night! But the simple act of writing (and the time is taken) helps the thoughts materialise and stick. Have a dedicated pen and fabulous notebook for ideas. This way everything is in one place. You’d be amazed at how gorgeous stationery can help the creative thinking process too.

Don’t expect good ideas to come straight away!

You need to train your brain to be brilliant so start by writing down the obvious connections or words that come into your mind. Then take each one and start pushing your brain to come at it from different angles. This is called mind mapping and can be done either by yourself or as part of a brainstorming session. Rope in a whiteboard or a lot of post-its to get really creative with the office wall.

In neuroscience circles, they say “cells that fire together, stay together”.

We’re not neuroscientists, but it roughly translates as the more you make your brain work (cells firing together) the stronger the connections between cells become. So keep practising creativity and it will come easier over time. Dedicate part of your day to pure creative thinking, set a timer if needs be so you remember to get down to it.

Creative Thinking

Finally, do as the creative geniuses do and give yourself a bit of space to think.

Ditch the smartphone and go out for a walk or find a quiet corner in the office to chill out in. The key is to disconnect, then let the thoughts flow. Don’t worry if you don’t come up with a solution straight away, the more you practice creativity the better you’ll become. You could even include a bit of movement like yoga or walking to get the blood flowing. Feed the brain with new oxygen and get thinking.

We love being creative in the Octopus Office, Ozzy is always thinking of new ways to help our customers!


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