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We can supply a 5 Star quality computer cleaning products suitable for screens, laptops, keyboards, hard surfaces and other office furniture. Delivering a same day service to businesses and individuals within the Manchester and Stockport area.

Computer Cleaning Products

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Surface Cleaning Wipes General Purpose Wipes

Monitors, keyboards, handsets and printers etc, are in contact with different people throughout the day.  This is especially true in a busy working environment, leading to a build-up of dust and dirt.  The 5 Star computer cleaning products brand offer a cleaning pack including 100 general purpose wipes, 100 telephone wipes and 100 surface wipes.  All of these are anti-static pre-moistened wipes suitable for sensitive screens, so can be used on monitors and screens alike.

Screen Cleaning Sachets

Screen Wipes

Also available is the screen sachets and keyboard spray cleaner.  This is ideal for sensitive touch screen products such as tablets or laptops.  It can also be used on the small screens on printers for removing fingerprints or similar stains.  If you are to use the spray, we do recommend combining with the absorbent wipes to fully remove the print.  The absorbent wipes are a soft and strong material giving the power to pick up marks without disrupting the touch screen sensitivity.  If you work from home then this is the product for you.

Screen Cleaner & Cloths

5 Star Office cleaner and cloth are made from a soft quality microfibre material designed specifically for commercial digital Screen and Keyboard Cleanercamera lenses and projectors keeping personal hygiene and high definition throughout the day.

Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

Filing cabinets, lamps, cupboards and other desktop storage can build up dust without us noticing it.  Eating at the desk and placing hot drinks can leave grease behind too.  5 Star Anti-Static Foam Cleaner is suitable on most surfaces and office furniture removing ingrained grease and dust.  Use with absorbent wipes to allow full advantage of the product.

Office Spray Dusters Air Duster

When wiping down keyboards, dirt in between keys can get trapped causing bacteria to build up as wipes generally can’t get behind the keys. 5 Star office spray dusters, (our customers top pick for computer cleaning products), is suitable for all office equipment with its compressed gas.  An extension tube is included for the hard to reach areas.  Please be aware that this should be used in short blasts and is flammable.

Label Remover

Glassware is essential for businesses involved in bar events, catering or just for general office kitchen use.  5 Star office label remover 200ml is suitable for glass, removing labels without leaving a residue.  Application brush included allowing you to regularly and easily maintain with no hassle.Label Remover

5 Star Office Computer Cleaning Kit

Saving the best till last. If you love all these products or fancy trying a new product but don’t want to spend a fortune, then this is your section. 5 Star Office Computer Cleaning Kit has all the products above in one handy kit. Suitable for all material and surfaces.

For more information about the computer cleaning products listed above, please feel free to call a member of our staff on 0161 429 8118. Or place an order today at for free next day delivery.  We also have lots of special offers on office furniture and stationery.

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