Keys for cars, offices, caravans or lockers and all be kept secure in a sturdy key safe.

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Key Safe In Manchester

Phoenix Heavy duty Key Safe

The Phoenix range of heavy duty key safes are made from strong steel casing.  We have 3 standard capacities that we are able to delivery quickly, so you can be secure within a day or 2.  If only a small number of keys need to be stored, then the smallest version KS0031E will do the job.  It will hold up to 30 keys and weighs just 5kgs.  The medium Phoenix key safe KS0032E will hold up to 48 keys and weighs up to 9kgs.  Then there is the largest key safe KS0033E weighing 19kgs and can accommodate up to 144 keys.  All of our office key safe ranges come with 2 keys as standard.  We can also supply extra keys, should additional keys be required.

The Phoenix KS0030 series key safes are supplies ready to be fixed to a wall and come with the bolts required to fit it securely.  Care must be taken to make sure that the wall that it is to be fixed to is secure enough.  All three of the Phoenix key safes that we supply have a deposit slot.  This allows people to drop keys into the safe without it having to be opened.

Each of the Phoenix key safes is fitted with a combination lock that can be programmed with a unique code that only the user knows.  There is however a key override facility should the code be forgotten.

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High Security Key SafePhoenix High Security

Our range of high security key safes are designed to accommodate from 30 to 100 keys, however they all have the same level of security.  Each key safe is made from high tensile steel and has a 5mm thick steel door.  The walls of the safe are 3mm thick making this an extremely secure safe to keep your office or vehicle keys secure.

The locking mechanism on this range of key safes is by way of an electronic key pad.  There is also a key over-ride facility should the pass code be lost or forgotten.

Standard Key Safe With Key Lock

Is your requirement is just to have your keys in a locked key cabinet to make sure that only certain members of staff have access to them?  If this is the case, then the standard keys safe is what you need.  These key safes come in several capacities, from 20 up to 300 keys and offer a low to medium level of security.

Our office key cabinets are made from grey coated steel and have a cylinder lock with 2 keys.  Additional keys can be supplied, should they be required.  They are designed to stop any keys being taken without there being signs of a break in.  This means that the lock would need to be broken to gain access to the keys, therefore alerting managers to the theft.

The standard key safe is ready to hang on a wall and comes complete with the fittings required.

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Key safe supplier in Manchester

If you need a key safe quickly, we are able to supply them at short notice locally using our fleet of vans that are around the Manchester area every day.  Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for more information.

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