The Elev8 Sit Stand Desk can help improve posture and general well-being by allowing you to be more active.

elev8 sit stand desk

Sit Stand Desk

Sit stand desks are becoming popular now due to the fact that they offer the user the ability to work in either the seated or standing position.  This allows the user to be more mobile and work at several heights without the issue of bending over or reaching up.


Single Sit Stand DeskElev8 Single Desk

The single sit stand height adjustable desk can be used as a normal desk all of the time if required.  It can, however, size up to 1.3m high at the touch of a button making it ideal for somebody that likes to stand up whilst at work.

The single sit stand desk is available in 3 sizes all of which are 800mm deep.  The lengths are 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm, so something for most situations.

If more desk space is required, there is also an extension that can be attached to the straight sit stand desk.  The extension is 600mm deep and 800mm long and available in all of the same finishes as the desks.

Back To Back Sit Stand Desk

The back to back sit stand desk is a great choice for people who sit opposite each other.  Each desk can be adjusted independently and a divider screen can be attached for privacy and noise reduction.Elev8 Back To Back

Single Or Double Motor

There are two ranges to the Elev8 range of desks.  The double motor range is Elev8 Touch and raises and lowers the desk smoothly.  The single motor desk is the Elev8 Mono and this adjusts the desk height the same as the Elev8 Touch albeit a bit slower.

Frame Colours

There are a selection of frame colours to choose from in the Elev8 Touch range.  The choices available are white, silver or black and will help the sit stand desk to blend in with existing fixed height desks.  Elev8 Mono are only supplied with silver frames.

Desk Top Finishes

The choices of top finishes is the same in both Elev8 ranges and includes beech, white, walnut and a white with oak edging.  All of the desktops finishes and frame colours are interchangeable, so there are 12 different options available.

Divider Screens For Sit Stand Desks

Elev8 Screen

Whether you are looking for a single sit stand desk or a back to back version, a divider screen may be required.  These are available in a vast range of fabrics and are designed specifically for sit stand desks.

Elev8 Accessories

Anti-Collision Sensor

The anti-collision sensor helps prevent damage or injury due to obstructions whilst the desk is being raised or lowered.

Digital Control Box

If certain heights are used regularly, the digital control box can be set at up to 4 levels.  This means a quick, easy and accurate adjustment to your preferred settings.

Cable Management Tray

The cable management tray prevents unsightly cables dropping down from the desktop.  The will be suspended just below the surface of the desk for easy access.

Vertical Cable Tube

The Elev8 cable tube keeps the power cables, and phone wires to the floor tidy and hidden away.  This also reduces the trip hazard when cables hang down the back of a single sit stand desk.

Balance Spot PadBalance Spot Pad

If somebody is standing for a long period of time, make it even more comfortable by standing on a balance spot pad.  This pad can add additional comfort and at the same time exercise feet and legs.  It may also help with core strength.

Elev8 Sit Stand Desk Delivery

Sit stand desks are a little different to your standard office desks.  In order for them to be adjusted, they need a power source close by.  The desks need to be assembled by 2 people as some of the parts, especially the motors are fairly heavy.

Our installation team have lots of experience assembling the desks and fitting the accessories, which means they can be installed quickly and safely.

Delivery In Manchester And Across The UK

We can deliver the Elev8 range of office furniture all across the UK using either our own installers or the manufacturers own installation teams.  We are able to offer an express delivery service in the Manchester area using our own delivery staff, so delivery within a couple of days can usually be arranged.

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