A small whiteboard is as much at home in the office as it is in the kitchen or teenagers bedroom.

small whiteboard

Small Whiteboard

Octopus supply a selection of whiteboard sizes from the giant 1800x1200mm that fill an entire wall to the small whiteboard that can fit onto the back of a door.


Small Whiteboard For The Office

Some businesses use a small whiteboard for staff messages or special offers to prospective customers.  It can also  to welcome visitors to their offices.  The 600x450mm and 600x900mm whiteboard are both = small enough to fix onto a door if wall space is limited.  They can be written on with a dry marker and wiped off with a dry cloth or tissue.600x450mm-white-board

Whiteboard For The Bedroom

We supply the 600x450mm whiteboards for use in teenagers bedrooms for homework schedules or ‘house rules’.  The silver drywipe boards are good for this as they are less business like.

Small Whiteboard For The Kitchen

The small drywipe board is ideal for the kitchen either in a restaurant or at home.  Shopping lists and reminders can be written on it and just erased when no longer required.  The white boards are best for the restaurant kitchen as they are easier to read at a glance.

Whiteboard For Warehousesilver board 737470

In the warehouse, a large drywipe board may be better as it may need to be read from a greater distance.  These are often used to create awareness of new health and safety issues or perhaps the next staff meeting.

Small Whiteboard For Shop

Drywipe boards are often used to create daily special offers.  The heading can be written in permanent marker whilst the text that changes daily can be written with a dry marker.

Whiteboard Deliveries

Small whiteboards up to 1200x900mm can be delivered by normal delivery, however the large whiteboard 1800x1200mm has to be delivered by special carrier.  This means that delivery of the larger boards can be 3-4 days from date of order.

Businesses based in the Manchester and Cheshire areas can enjoy free next day delivery on all whiteboards.  Please contact us on 0161 429 8118 for further information.

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