Need to sequentially number tickets or documents?  An automatic numbering machine will do the trick.

Automatic Numbering Machine

Automatic Numbering Machine

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The Trodat automatic numbering machine stamp will number consecutively.  They can be used to number documents or apply codes to papers.  Although the numbering machine only contains numbers it can be used as a date coder using the 6 digits.  This will work more effectively if the date is reversed ie 150701, as then it would only have to be adjusted once per month.

Trodat 5756/P Numbering Machine

Trodats 5756/P is the plastic version of the automatic numbering machine.  It will number from 1 to 999999 consecutively.  The stamp will also advance every other impression or every 3rd 4th 5th 6th or 12th.

The 5756P has 6 numbering wheels and each has 5.5mm times roman characters.  The stamp doesn’t require a separate stamp pad, it takes a replaceable pad that is available in black or red and are supplied in a pack of 5.

Trodat 5756/M Numbering Machine

Our Trodat 5756/M is the steel version of the automatic numbering machine.  It has all of the same functions as the plastic version, but it more robust and will be more suited to being used for commercial uses.

Replacement Pads For Trodat 5756 Numbering Machinetrodat 5756 pad 287030

In addition to the stamps themselves, we also stock the replacement pads for the Trodat 5756 automatic numbering machines.  The pads are supplied in packs of 5, however by arrangement we can split the packs into single pads.  Please call our sales office for assistance.

How To Use An Automatic Numbering Machine

The Trodat automatic numbering machine is really simple to use.  All that is required is that you set how many times you press the stamp down before the number advances.  This can be 0 (not change at all), 1 (change after every impression), 2 (change after every other impression), 3 change after every third impression, 4 after every forth, 5 after every fifth, 6 after every sixth and 12 after every twelfth.

Press the stamp down using the handle and the number will be printed onto the paper and the wheel will move on to the next number when required.

Automatic Numbering Stamp Required Fast

If an automatic numbering stamp is required fast, we can help.  We stock a small quantity and can dispatch the same day.  If your business is based in the Manchester area, we can often deliver the same day.  Deliveries to a wider area can be delivered the next working day.

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