Hiking, cycling, running or just kicking a football about are all nice things to do during the Summer. Have you ever considered doing an activity which is a benefit to others (and your environment) instead?

Volunteering can be great for your feeling of self-worth. Summer giving is also a great way to meet like-minded people, and just as importantly some of these activities will improve the environment. So go on – give them a go!


This Swedish activity is a combination of jogging and “plocka”, which means to pick. As you’ve probably guessed by now involves going for a jog in your local beauty spot and picking up any rubbish that you see while you run.

Plogging can take place in a town, in a park, by a river or seaside – anywhere where you’ll find windblown rubbish in fact. Check out @plogolution on Twitter for more info!


The Summer months are a great time of year for our parks. They’re in full bloom, wildlife is buzzing and visitor numbers are at their peak. This is great news, but councils can struggle to keep up with maintenance during this time.

Check out your local council website for all their park volunteering opportunities – almost all of them have them! And remember, this could easily turn into a year-round commitment if you want to share out the slots amongst different teams.

Summer Giving


Every pint of blood can save up to 3 lives and the instances where we may need a blood transfusion are too numerous to mention. It’s pretty much pain-free (you may feel a scratch when they insert the needle but the actual process itself doesn’t hurt) and it doesn’t take long.

Lots of us want to do it but never quite get around to it, so why not reverse that trend and whip up support for a company-wide blood donation?

There are many mobile units throughout the UK where you can donate. Check out www.blood.co.uk for info on units in your area then get that taxi booked!


If you’re city centre-based or in a town, you might be able to spare some team members for a few hours a week to help at the local charity shop. Even for simple tasks like tidying the storeroom or cleaning the front windows.

It doesn’t have to be a big commitment so perhaps go and chat to your local charity shop manager and see what they could do with.


Across the county, there are many schemes popping up to create and maintain public gardens and green space. A quick google might reveal some that you can get involved in. It doesn’t have to be a regular thing it could just be a one-off as part of a team-building exercise.

The benefits of getting your team outside into the fresh air. Mixed with the added bonus of helping your local community. This should be enough to convince people to find their wellies out.


No matter what you aim to do remember it doesn’t need to be complicated, talk to the team and see what everyone is interested in. If they enjoy it they will more likely do it again and again.

Do you have some ideas for us? Why not share them with us!


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