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Waterproof Labels

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Waterproof Labels

Quite often labels are used in damp, wet, cold or even freezing conditions.  In these circumstances a normal paper label will become soggy and become unreadable or even fall off.  Waterproof labels can cope with these conditions and stay in place longer.

Label Material

Waterproof labels are made from polyester and as such are tear resistant as well as being resistant to weather, water and oil.  Polyester is ideal for being used in laser printers, digital printing and photocopiers, so great for use in your own office or warehouse.

Label Sizes

There is a good range of polyester labels that can be used in your standard office laser printer.  All of the labels come on A4 sheets, so no adjustment to your paper tray is necessary.

The sizes available are:

1 label per sheet – 210 x 297mm

1 label per sheet – 199.6 x 289.1mm – 003R91225

2 labels per sheet – 199.6 x 143.5mm – 003R97525

4 labels per sheet – 99.1 x 139mm – 003R95813

6 labels per sheet – 99 x 93mm – 003R96288

8 labels per sheet – 99 x 68mm – 003R91224

12 labels per sheet – 64 x 72mm –

14 labels per sheet – 99 x 38.1mm – 003R96289

16 labels per sheet – 99 x 34mm – 003R96296

18 labels per sheet – 63.5 x 46.6mm – 003R96297

21 labels per sheet – 64 x 38.1mm – 003R96298

24 labels per sheet – 64 x 34mm – 003R97526

65 labels per sheet – 38.1 x 21.2mm – 003R93177

15 labels per sheet – 51mm diameter circles

70 labels per sheet – 25mm diameter circles

Xerox Label Templates

These Xerox label templates can be downloaded using the codes above.  The Xerox templates are for standard paper labels, but can be used for any type of label of the same size.

Waterproof Labels For Sport

Many outdoor sports such as cycle sportives and triathlons use weatherproof labels.  Our waterproof labels stick to helmets, bikes or other equipment that is part of the event.  Under normal weather conditions like rain, snow and wind, they will stay in place until removal is required.

The ideal size for waterproof labels for a bike helmet are 99×38.1mm (14 per sheet).  This size gives enough space for a race number of 3 or 4 digits long.

1 per sheet labels (210x297mm) can be used for the seat stem on a bike, by being printed several to a page.  They can then cut into strips that will be 210mm long, meaning the width can be bespoke to any size that you need.

Waterproof Garden Labels

Garden centres use weatherproof labels to label plants or items that are kept outdoors.  The labels are resistant to all weather conditions such as rain, frost, snow and ice (-20 to 100 degrees).  They can be printed using a standard office laser printer, so there is no need to have them outsourced.

With the smallest label being just 38.1×21.2mm (65 per sheet), they are an ideal size for pricing labels.  The larger sizes such as the 8 per sheet (99x68mm) can be used for product information as product descriptions or logos..

Industrial Waterproof Labels

Lots of manufacturing companies use waterproof labels to label things such containers or equipment.  Barrels or plastic containers that are stored outside don’t lend themselves to normal paper labels.  Paper labels will become soggy and either fall off or disintegrate, whereas polyester labels can last for years.

Avery Weatherproof Labels

Avery make a small range of weatherproof labels that are available in convenient packs of 25 sheets.  These are designed to go through any normal mono or colour laser printer.  Avery laser labels can be delivered the next day across the UK or even the same day in Manchester.

Waterproof Labels In Manchester

If you require labels quickly, we stock some of the popular sizes for fast delivery in and around Manchester.  We can deliver further afield on a next day basis, so contact us on 0161 429 8118 if you need an urgent delivery.

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