Let’s get something straight, Xerox recycled paper isn’t like fresh paper… let’s all repeat that together…

Xerox Recycled Paper
Xerox Recycled Paper

We know its hard when you want that nice white, oh and smooth, and no speckles or imperfections. Be honest, if you are considering using Xerox recycled paper it isn’t for the smoother whiter look is it?

If you are wanting to use recycled paper it is probably for only one reason. To be more environmentally friendly. SO lets embrace the fact that this paper is NOT white or completely smooth.

You’re looking at a roughness of 300ml/min which isn’t perfect, CIE Whiteness is 59+/-3 and ISO brightness percentage of 70 which lets be honest isn’t illuminatingly bright.

So what ARE you getting through? You’re getting printer and copier paper that actually goes through the printer without causing blockages and errors. You’ve de-inked paper that hasn’t been bleached and is free from optical brightening agents. You are using a product that has a 5-star green rating.

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Hidden benefits of using Xerox recycled paper you might have considered

The benefits on the environment are huge, check out our post on recycled paper to see some impressive numbers like 2 sheets of recycled paper saves enough energy to make 1 litre of coffee!

Better for people

Those with dyslexia or learning difficulties can benefit from not using pure white bright paper. There is also growing evidence that our eyes would also be a lot happier if we weren’t staring at these bright pages quite so much.

Corporate Social Responsibility

You are showing all your customers that you care! If you’re sending out invoices or letters to your customers using Xerox recycled paper they can see that you are not just talking about going green, you’re actually doing it.

Increase demand to reduce the price

Investing in recycled paper drives up demand for these materials, which reduces the cost of recycling as the industry invests in the necessary infrastructure to effectively scale production

You’ll use less

Studies show that when you are using recycled alternatives you actually also use less paper. This means not only will you spend less on filling the printer tray, but also reduce your waste paper

In the end it is up to you and your business how you invest in paper, it is an expenditure that is often unavoidable and when your budgeting paper is probably the area you want to see the least amount spent in.

Consider the impact your business has on the planet, or even just your local area. Think about the legacy that you are leaving. Remember, making small changes such as using recycled paper you can make all the difference!

Certified To Be Kinder To The Environment

The Xerox recycled paper is made from 100% post consumer waste.  It is certified by Blue Angel, which is a German environmental agency.

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