If you haven’t used it before or maybe hadn’t even heard of it, A0 paper is the largest scale generally available, as defined by the ISO 216 international paper size standard.

A0 Size

Measuring 841x1189mm per sheet, A0 paper forms part of the A series of paper sizes that’s adopted pretty much everywhere bar North America and Mexico. It’s considerably bigger than the A1 (594x841mm) and A2 (420x594mm) dimensions. Indeed, the A0 size is such that really only designers and copy shops can make much use of it.

Paper sizes are usually expressed in millimetres. However, if you prefer imperial measurements, the A0 size in inches is 33.11×46.84.

To give you an idea of the scale involved, A0 paper is over a metre high, and you could fit 16 standard A4 sheets into a single A0 one. Cut it in half and you’d have two A1-sized pieces of paper or four A2 pages.

What is A0-sized paper used for?

One of A0 paper key uses is for technical drawing, since this demands a paper size big enough for a design to fit comfortably. However, it can also be used for posters and signs, although the 700x1000mm and 1000×1400 formats are more common in poster design.

Other uses for A0 paper include in architecture and advertising, while surveyors and graphic designers also often work with A0 paper. Additionally, people sometimes use it in super-sized flipcharts and blueprints.

When it comes to printing on to A0 sized paper, you’ll need to make sure you have the right resolution for doing so, plus a high-quality camera. For example, if you have a digital camera with good image quality and a resolution of 24 megapixels or higher, you’ll be able to print top-notch images in A0 size. (Of course, you’ll need a wide-format printing facility.)

A0 sized paper from Octopus Office Supplies

At Stockport-based Octopus Office Supplies, we fully appreciate just how important it is to have the right size of paper for the project in hand. So, discuss paper size with us and we’ll gladly offer our specialist advice.

We deliver printer paper up and down the country including in A0 format – we’re able to supply in quantities of one roll, up to a pallet at a time.
Our A0 sized paper is 75gsm, or grams per square metre, with flat sheets packed in reams of 125 sheets each. Alternatively, we supply this size on rolls 841mm wide, which you may find more manageable for both storage and transport. The most popular weight for this is 90gsm uncoated.

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Buy your A0 sized paper online – we are often able to do next-day deliveries in the Manchester and Stockport area. Alternatively, pick up your order from our Stockport store.

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