Create an environmentally friendly office, there are so many reasons why this is a good thing to do.

Climate change, our plastic consumption and the devastation of our rain forests have never been discussed more. We’re now coming to a critical point in our evolution. We need to start thinking about the environment and our impact on the planet. You might ask yourself ‘well what can I do, I am only one person’. But if every one of us made small changes, then big things would happen. Here at Ozzy headquarters, we do try to do our bit. Here are our tips for bringing some environmentally friendly ethical practices to your office.

Office Plants

BYO Lunch

One of the biggest challenges day to day is trying to reduce your plastic consumption but have you ever thought about your lunch? The box your sandwich comes in, the packet of crisps, the bottle of pop? Not only is this impacting on the world around you but your also spending way more than you need to. Make extras when your doing dinner and save some for the day after. Don’t have a microwave at work? The treat yourself to a fancy thermos?

Do you need to print it?

Environmentally FriendlyAn oldie but a goodie. Do you need to print this email, report, blog post? If not then don’t! And if you do print then perhaps double sided would be better? Also using recycled paper in the printer. Recycled paper is now a higher quality, check out our blog here.

Turn off electronics and lighting

Make sure your policy is the last person in the building turns off all the lights and makes sure all computers are off. Not only a great way to save energy (and money) but also a good security procedure so computers aren’t accessible when the office is empty. With the heating, you might not want it to go completely off but have you for a thermostat? Or could you set a timer so the heating comes on just before everyone gets in rather than being on overnight?

Get some office plants

Oxygen-producing plants not only make the office a much calmer and nicer place to be they can also offset some of the C02 that you are producing. Plastic plants get dusty, look unnatural and end up in landfill so go for natural every time.

Encourage Green Commuting

As a business, you might decide to offer incentives for those that cycle to work (cycle schemes are great) or perhaps contribute to train or bus fares. You can also offer rewards for those that car share such as an extra days holiday or leaving early on a Friday.

Acorn Recycling BinsGet your recycling bins in order

People will recycle given the option, so make it easy for everyone with clearly labelled recycling bins, an office policy that everyone has read (and ideally signed), and a process of collecting and transporting to the nearest recycling centre.

Invest in eco-friendly cleaning

Why not invest in some Eco-friendly washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, hand-wash etc. They smell better, often last longer, and are much nicer on the planet.

Paper Towels

Hand dryers can be much more environmentally friendly as well as cheaper in the long run. However, if you must use paper towels consider buying recycled paper towels with no harsh chemicals and a much lower impact on the environment.

Local Office Supplies
Office Supplies Near Me

Buy Local Office Supplies

We love working with local companies, there is a sense of community and support. There is also the environmental impact. Less petrol for deliveries, less packaging if you can get something straight from the source. Check out your local supplies.

Reuse, recycle and give away

So your recycling paper, plastics etc but what about storage boxes, furniture and office equipment. If you can no longer use it in your office could someone else? You can donate furniture to charity shops or even to some local startups. Get on social media and shout about what you have. It’s not a bad way to support your community.

Doing your bit has never been so easy! With our hand tips and some imagination who knows what impact you can have on your office, your local community and the planet as a whole!

Let us know what you’re doing and we will see if we can help. We do offer printer cartridge disposal as well as plenty of Eco environmentally friendly office products for you to use.


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