Copier paper -it’s something you use in an office every day, probably without thinking too much about it. Yet there’s more to office paper than you may have realised. Equally, it’s important that you have access to the right paper at the right price for the task in hand.

Here, we take a quick look at some of the available options, and at what we at Octopus offer.

Copier paper vs. printer paper

Copy paper tends to be thinner and rather cheaper than the printer (or laser) version. If you’re just printing text documents, however, you can use both interchangeably. There’s little difference – it’s just that more light will pass through lighter sheets. It’s also called multipurpose paper.

For everyday use, where people are just printing out documents for their own convenience, copier paper will work perfectly well.

However, for anything with multiple images, go for printer paper to enjoy crisper images and avoid a heavily saturated, slightly wet look. Printing images leaves so much ink in its wake that using copy paper inevitably means you end up with a blurry, message on the page.

Should you use recycled copier paper?

For a business using a lot of paper, there are various benefits to buying a recycled variety. You’ll use less oil, wood, energy and water without affecting the quality of the paper, and it’s obviously much better for the environment. Equally, you can state on documents that the paper is recycled, and this can reflect well on your brand.

Copier paper from Octopus Office

We supply many different types of paper for offices UK-wide, in varied sizes to suit all needs and printers up to large-format rolling machines – in A0 plus A1 to A5. For A3 to A5 you can take your pick from myriad different colours, from subdued pastels to something more vibrant and bold.

We supply white printer paper in A0 and A1 to A3 sizes, as well as our popular Octopus daily A4 copier paper. Typically supplied in boxes of five reams of 500 sheets each, we sell this product across the UK and Europe and it’s a great choice for daily use.

As an alternative, our A5 80gsm white copier paper is widely used in dental and doctors’ surgeries.

If you’re after quality printing paper, however, we have plenty of options.

When it comes to recycled paper, customers love our Xerox A3-A5 off-white offering, made from 100% post-consumer waste. (We should add, however, that this is not ideal for colour printing.)

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We supply printing paper across Greater Manchester, with same-day delivery if that’s what you need, delivering across the city every day from our vans. Talk to our sales team today. Alternatively, pop in and pick up yourself from our base in Stockport.

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