An air purifier will help to keep your office fresh and free from particles using a true HEPA filter. If you work from home or have space in an office in an office building, you may benefit from having cleaner air.  An air filtration system captures small particles and traps them in the HEPA filter, helping to make your space fresh and clean. SHOP FELLOWES AERAMAX SHOP LEITZ TRUSENS

Where Can An Air Purifier Be Used?

An air filtration system can be used in any room in the house or office space.  Your living room where you watch TV or entertain would be made fresher with an air purifier.  A bedroom would certainly benefit from an air filtration system, where dust mites and pet dander can get into the air.  A small to medium office with up to 8 people is probably the maximum that could be purified by a single machine. Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier

What Size Room Can The Air Purifier Clean?

There are several air filtration systems in our range.  The smallest is suitable for a small room of up to 8 square metres.  The largest air purification system will help filter a room up to 70 square metres, which could be a 10 x 7m sq office or perhaps an 8 x 8m sq office.  It is important to get the right size purifier for the room that you are treating, so that the benefits can be appreciated.

What Particles Can The HEPA Filter Remove From The Air?

The HEPA filter that is used in the Fellowes air Purifiers can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.  This includes pollen and other allergens in the air.  It will also capture dust mites and mould spores in its filter.  If there are pets in the home or office, the HEPA filter will also catch pet dander (small flakes of skin from a cat, dog or bird).  Where there are smokers, the Fellowes AeraMax air purifiers will also capture cigarette smoke. Once the particles have been captured by the Fellowes AeraMax air purifier, it doesn’t stop there.  Once the pollen, pet dander and mites etc get caught, they get the AeraSafe treatment, which is built into the unit to prevent smells caused by bacteria, mildew or fungi.

Will The Air Filtration Unit Clean The Whole Room?

The larger of Leitz TruSens air purifers (Z-2000 & Z-3000), come complete with the SensorPod.  When the SensorPod is placed in another part of the room, it measures the air quality and then talks to the main unit to ensure that the air in the whole room is being filtered.  The Z-1000 does not have the SensorPod as it is designed for smaller areas. In order for the air purifier to work efficiently, windows and doors need to be kept closed, otherwise pollutants from outside such as pollen will continue to come into the room.  To check the air quality where you are, click here.

Will The Air Purifier Cool The Room?

No, the air purifiers will only clean the air.  They do not make the air any in the room cooler, as the air purifier is only cleaning the air.  We supply a range of office fans that will help to keep you cool on the summer.Leitz TruSense Air Filtration Unit

How Does Air Filtration Help With Allegies?

Both the Fellowes and the Leitz air purifiers can help allergy sufferers.  The HEPA filter will capture pollen, animal particles and dust mites that cause skin irritations and respiratory symptoms.

How Will I Know If The Air Is Cleaner?

Each air filtration unit has a display panel to tell you the current air quality.  The Fellowes unit uses a coloured display showing red, amber and blue.  The Leitz system uses a numbered display too, showing 0-50 as good, 50-100 as moderate and 100+ as poor.  Both units will adjust the fan speed accordingly depending on the air quality.

What Is The Warranty For The Air Purifiers?

The warranty on the Fellowes AeraMax is 3 years and the Leitz TruSens is 2 years, so there is peace of mind that the unit is well made.

TruSens Air Purifiers

The TruSens range of air purifiers from Acco have 3 models to choose from depending on the size of the room.

TruSens Z-1000

The TruSens Z-1000 has 3 purification levels and is capable of cleaning the air in a room of up to 23 square metres.  It has an integral carry handles, so can easily be moved from room to room.

TruSens Z-2000

All of the features of the Z-1000 air purifier, with the addition of an automatic mode.  This is where the unit adjusts the fan depending on the air quality.  It has 4 levels of purification and can clean the air of a room up to 35 metres square.  The TruSens Z-2000 comes complete with the SensorPod, which can be placed in another part of the room and communicated with the main unit.  The air Z-2000 will then direct purified air into other parts of the room.

TruSens Z-3000

The most advanced of the range is the TruSens Z-3000.  It has all of the features of the smaller Z-2000, except it can help purify the air in a room of up to 70 square metres.  It too comes with a SensorPod, has an air quality indicator and PureDirect technology.  Like the Z-1000 and Z-2000, this unit has a carry handle and at just 5.7Kg, is light enough to be moved easily from room to room.

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