Desk Calendar January 2023 – April 2024

Octopus supply desk calendars with both annual and fiscal week numbers.

Desk Calendar

Weekly Desk Calendar

The Octopus calendar has the weeks shown vertically and begins on the Monday of each week.  Beneath each week, we have the annual and fiscal week numbers to help the companies organise the salaries for their employees weekly.  To make it easier to read, bank holidays are highlighted in red.


Monthly Desk Calendar

Our desk top calendar also has the dates split into months too.  This will help those companies that pay their employees by the month.  The highlighted red bank holidays also assists in calculating holiday entitlement.

15 Month Calendar

Octopus desk calendars have 15 months.  They begin in January 2023 and goes right the way through to the end of March 2024.  This helps with businesses that work to the UK tax year, but can also be used for the normal calendar year.

Computer Top Calendar

The computer top calendar is triangular in shape, so can fit on top of many monitors where it can be seen easily whilst working.  It is light enough so that good old piece of Blutac is all it needs to hold it in place.

Desk Calendar

Computer Top Calendar

Desk calendars are a great way to help with wages or calculating holiday pay.  They are suitable for businesses that use the calendar year as well as the fiscal year.

5 Months at a Glance

Plan ahead with the triangular desk calendar.  There are 5 months to view at any one time.  Need to look further ahead? – just flip the calendar over and see the next 5 months.

Bank Holidays for the UK

National public holidays are highlighted in pink with red numbers.  Public holidays for Scotland, Wales and Ireland are also shown and these are shown in red.  Using this desk calendar, you will be able to plan some days out in Manchester on your bank holiday.

Fiscal Desk Calendar

The Octopus fiscal calendar is used in accounts departments that have to use the UK tax year and also personnel departments whose annual leave goes from April to March.  Each calendar has the full UK tax year with the tax week numbers printed along the bottom.

Light but Sturdy

Octopus desk top calendars are made from 250gsm smooth white board.  it is supplied flat and scored ready for folding.  It has an adhesive strip ready for it to to be made into its triangular shape, where it can sit on your desk for the next 15 months.

Octopus also supply diaries and planners for all kinds of businesses.  Whether you run a manufacturing company, an accountants or a sales office, we will have a planner that suits your needs.

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