Quality face shields and masks for use in your workplace.

Face Shield

Face Shield For Your Workplace

Octopus are known for their quality office supplies, however we are constantly being asked to provide PPE and cleaning products.  We now have stock of a selection of face shields for your office, bar, restaurant or gym.

Face shield with Glasses

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The face shield with glasses is the newest design that we supply.  It is comfortable and as there is little contact with the skin in cooler to wear than other types of face visor.  The glasses themselves are made from plastic and the visor polypropylene.  This item comes complete with 2 visors and one glasses frame.  The visors also have a removable film on both sides to protect the screen from being marked whilst they are assembled.  Assembly is simple and can take just seconds to put together.

Face shield with Foam Headband

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The face shield with a foam headband are great for use if the glasses style are not suitable.  The headband is made from stretchy elastic and the visor polypropylene.  The foam pad behind the visor is approximately 25mm thick and also serves as a sun visor when outside.  This type of visor can still be used if the wearer has a hat or cap.

Single Use Plastic Face Shield

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The single use face shield is the most basic that we supply.  It is made from a 2 piece 350 micron polypropylene and is adjustable to any head size.  They can be assembled is less than a minute as the design is very simple.  These face visors are particularly useful for when the face shield is to be used only once for a short period.  The price is lower than the more comfortable foam shield or shield with glasses.  These face visors are 100% recyclable.

Face Shields for Work

Face shield for Teachers

Teachers and teaching assistants need to wear face visors in the classroom.  The most popular style for schools and colleges is the face visor with glasses.  They are easy to put on and remove when required and are super light weight meaning that they are comfortable to wear all day long if required.

Face Visors for Bars & Restaurants

We provide visors for use in bars, cafes and restaurants that have staff serving tables.  The most popular face visors for bar staff are the glasses style.  This may be because staff that are waiting on tables are on the go for long periods in sometimes warm environments.  The face shield with glasses allows air to circulate and be cooler for the wearer.

Face Shield for Beauty Salons

Staff in a beauty salon or nail bar should wear a mask when doing treatments.  The foam headband and the glasses style visor are both popular with beauticians where the face shield can be worn for extended periods of time.

Face Visors for Children

The single use face visors are adjustable to almost any size.  They can therefore be adjusted to fit the small heads of children and toddlers, although supervision is recommended in small children due to the nature of the assembled loop.  To add a bit of fun to the visor, there are templates available that can be used to create patterns on the visor using marker pens or OHP pens.

Other PPE Products That We Supply

We also supply many other products to keep your workplace clean and reduce the chance of infection.  We supply face masks, anti-bacterial wipes and sprays, alcohol gels, hand wash and dispensers.  Just click the link below.

PPE and sanitising

Air Purifiers

Do You Need More Information On The Use Of Face Coverings?

If you would like more information on face coverings and face visors, please click the link below to the government website on Coronavirus.


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