We supply a range of A5 clipboard options for use in schools, bars, restaurants and hotels.

A5 Wooden Clipboards

A5 Clipboard



A5 Wooden Clipboard

Our most popular A5 clipboard is the hardboard model.  It has a traditional butterfly clip made from chrome that is capable of holding approximately 100 sheets of A5 paper.  The chrome clip has also got a hole in the back ready for hanging on a hook or nail.a5-wooden-clipboards

Our standard A5 wooden clipboard is made from a water resistant and durable hardboard.  The size is 170 x 250mm which means it has a margin of approximately 10mm all the way around.

A5 Plastic Clipboard

Our latest addition to the A5 clipboard range is one made from jet black plastic.  It is waterproof and the clip is manufactured from a strong chrome power clip.  The clip mechanism has 2 plastic corners on to grip the paper.  These can be removed if being used where they could be used by small children or where they could get into food.

The A5 black plastic clipboard is made from 2mm thick plastic and is ideal for use by children on school trips or in a trendy bar for holding menus or cocktail lists.

A5 Rustic Clipboard

Our rustic A5 clipboard is really popular with bars and restaurants for use as menu holders or special offer dishes.  They are made from solid 10mm thick wood and have a removable bulldog clip on the top.  These boards are sanded to remove any sharp or jagged edges, but keep their natural feel and imperfections that reclaimed wood has.

A5 Clipboard For Bars And RestaurantsA5-black-plastic-clipboards

We supply all sizes of clipboards to bars, restaurants and hotels across the UK.  The A5 wooden clipboard is generally used as special offer or drinks menu holders as they are smaller then the traditional A4 clipboard.  The plastic jet black clipboards are a new addition to the Octopus line up and are ideal for a trendy bar that want a smart looking menu holder that can be wiped clean.

A5 Clipboard for Schools And Nurseries

The A5 wooden clipboard is ideal for small children at school or nursery.  They are small enough that they can be put in a rucksack or holdall and also so that it can be held with small hands and not too cumbersome.

Other sizes of Clipboards

As well as A5 clipboards, we also supply a wide range of other sizes including A4 and A3.  For more information, please contact us on 0161 429 8118.

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