Sweet or savoury? Crepe or American style? Flipped or tossed? We all have our own way of doing Pancake Day.

Even here in the Octopus Office, we can’t decide which is the best way to make the perfect pancake.

Here are some of our ideas…

pancake day stack of pancakes

Chocolate and Strawberries

It wouldn’t be Pancake day if chocolate wasn’t involved somewhere along the way. Afterall, Pancake day came-about with the using up of luxuries before Lent, and chocolate is definitely a luxury most of us love.

With 3 in 5 of our office staff opting to spread the sweet stuff on their pancake, it is definitely a favourite here. It can’t be just any old chocolate though according to one office member.

A suggestion was made that it has to be a Maltesers chocolate spread with all its crunchy goodness!

Sugar and Lemon (and Honey)

A more “traditional” choice is the classic lemon and sugar topping. Some staff members even added honey on top of this, showing just how sweet their sweet-tooth is!

Lemon and sugar have become a classic, in terms of toppings, and has become a quintessentially British choice, with the first use of lemons in food dating as far back as the Tudor times.

Bananas and Syrup (Golden or Maple)

A slightly healthier twist on the straightforward syrup topper. You can also incorporate banana into your pancake batter if you’re gluten-free and flour is a no-go.

Just mash the bananas into a thick purée then add the eggs as normal

However you top yours this Shrove Tuesday, the one thing everyone here at Octopus agrees on is that pancakes should NEVER be savoury!

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