Octopus are rock salt suppliers in Manchester and Cheshire.  We deliver from our store in Stockport. Rock Salt Suppliers Do you run a business in the Manchester or Cheshire are?  We deliver 25kg bags of rock salt to businesses to help keep your car parks, pathways and steps free form snow and ice this winter. DE-ICING SUPPLIES

What is Rock Salt

Our rock salt is made from sodium chloride.  There are 2 types that we supply, brown or white.  The brown rock salt is commonly used on car parks and places where cleanliness is not so important, whist the white is often used on footpaths near to building entrances.  White rock salt is less likely to stain carpets when walked into premises and offices.

How Does Rock Salt Work

The sodium chloride in the rock salt dissolves into water it separates the water molecules making it difficult for them to bind together to create ice.  If it is put down before a heavy frost or snow, it can prevent the ice forming in the first place.

What Size PacksRock Salt

Our standard size rock salt is 20KG.  Many rock salt suppliers sell 25KG bags and some only supply it by the pallet.  We supply businesses with single bags of rock salt in Manchester and Cheshire.

Where Do We Deliver To

Octopus deliver using our own vehicles across Greater Manchester and Cheshire from our store in Stockport.  Due to the heavy weight of rock salt, we do not deliver it via courier, so national delivery is not available.

Delivery Charges

As with all our deliveries in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, we do not charge for delivery.  Our delivery staff will deliver the rock salt to your reception are or salt store if you have one.  Not all rock salt suppliers will offer this service.

When Can We Deliver

Delivery is normally next day across Manchester and Cheshire.  As we are office supplies and rock salt suppliers, we can deliver your salt with your stationery and other office requirements.

Prices Of Rock Salt

The price of rock salt can vary depending on availability.  Go to our store to see the current price.

How to Clear Ice And Snow

Here is a government guide on how and when to clear the snow and ice from your footpaths, property or access to it.

Rock Salt Suppliers In Manchester

Octopus supply everything for your business, from printer paper to coffee.  These items are for use inside your business, but we can help look after the outside too.  Order your rock salt with your envelopes and printer cartridges for a fast and efficient service.

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