If you are looking for something to organise your post, a Versapak mail sorter could be the answer.

Versapak Mail Sorter

Versapak Mail Sorter

The Versapak Mail Sorter is a robust pigeon  hole system made from a steel frame.

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The Versapak Mail Sorter pigeon hole system in it’s standard configuration can have up to 24 compartments and each compartment can be adjusted to your own requirements.  Some compartments can be small, whilst others can be larger or you can even add extra shelves to create more compartments.  This is useful if you are using it for business mail and some companies get more post than others.


Whether you are using the Versapak mailsorter in an office environment or a warehouse, it will be strong enough to cope with a heavy workload.  The frame is made from strong steel mesh frame that is finished in light grey as standard.  Other colours are available to order.

Sizes Available

As stated above, the standard size that Octopus supply is the 24 compartment sorter, however there is also an 18 compartment mail sorter and a 20 compartment too.

The dimensions of the Versapak Mail Sorters is shown below.

18 Compartment Mail Sorter

Overall external dimensions 1067(w) x 1067(h) x 381(d)mm

Compartment size 343(h) x 171(h) x 380(d)mm

20 Compartment Mail Sorterversapak-706137

Overall external dimensions 1219(w) x 1067(h) x 381(d)mm

Compartment size 292(w) x 197(h) x 380(d)mm

24 Compartment Mail Sorter

Overall external dimensions 1067(w) x 1067(h) x 381(d)mm

Compartment size 254(w) x 171(h) x 380(d)mm

Versapak Mail Sorter Accessories

There are several Versapak Mail Sorter accessories available.  These include extra compartments, extra shelves and replacement labels for the compartments.

Extra Column For Mail Sorter

If you have a Versapak Mail Sorter and require more space, you can add an extra column to the side.  These are available for the 18, compartment, the 20 compartment or the 24 compartment and attach to the side of the main unit.

Extra Shelf For Mail Sorter

If more compartments are required in your mail sorter, extra shelves can be purchased singularly to add versapak-title-tagsmore space.  There are 2 sizes depending upon which mail sorter they are required for.

Replacement Labels For Mail Sorter

There are many circumstances where the mail sorter labels may become lost or get damaged.  If required replacement labels can be purchased and easily clip on to the frame of the mail sorter.  These are supplied in a pack of 10, Ref VER15028.

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