Planning out for your day, the week or coming months might seem like an impossibility – after all, that bulging inbox needs sorting before you can even start to think what you need to do first… sound familiar?

Even the most organised of us are guilty of not getting everything done, and yet following a few simple tips can help you get on top of tasks, plan ahead, clear the clutter and feel GREAT about your work – giving you more time to enjoy the important part – the time when you’re not at work!

Try a few of these work tweaks, and be amazed at how insanely simple life can be!

The 1-3-5 method

Getting things doneThis excellent approach is for those who dislike ‘to-do’ lists, as they usually end up being – ‘not done’ lists.
Basically you create a job list with 1 BIG task, 3 medium-sized tasks and 5 little tasks. Crossing off those 9 jobs each day is a fab way of hitting targets and keeping projects on track – winner!

Milestones instead of millstones

Be realistic about tasks. We’ve all got notes for jobs that we never get round to doing for many reasons. These can be real millstones, and seriously affect your ability with other jobs. If that ‘vital’ task has been on your ‘to-do’ list for months – get realistic and scratch it off

Your weekly power hour

Having multiple tasks big and small can take a lot of effort to manage, and requires ‘headspace’ to deal with efficiently. Allocate a 60-minute slot at a set time each week, and go where you can’t be disturbed. Now work through your tasks, reschedule and reprioritise if needed. You’ll find it so much easier to juggle things efficiently when you have this freedom of mind.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

You’ll find that work is easier to do if you are free from clutter. It’s an obvious one, but making a bit of effort to declutter that stack of paperwork and filing, binning or shredding it really will improve your outlook!

Notifications are a no-no

Whether it’s your smartphone buzzing or your PC giving you red flashes to notify you of something (usually nothing important) those notifications are not only distracting, they can seriously affect your nerves! Except for certain jobs (emergency service personnel, for instance) that email, tweet or even phone call is unlikely to be as important as the job you were working on.

Get into the habit of dealing with notifications nonsense at a set time and period each day – you’ll be glad of the peace and quiet!


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