Douglas Engelbart invented the very first computer mouse in 1964, this was then followed by a rethinking and the introduction of the ‘ball’ in 1972.

Hama MW-300 3 Button Mouse
Hama MW-300 3 Button Mouse

Before we show you the Hama MW-300 3 Button mouse heres a little brief history. It was included on the Xerox Alto computer in 1973 but wasn’t something as standard until the ’80s (1983 to be exact). It was that year that Microsoft updated the MS-DOS program Microsoft Word to make it mouse-compatible. Introducing the newly developed PC-compatible mouse.

The rest would seem is history as a whole generation (or two) don’t remember computers, without their mice counterparts.

Touch screen might be fast becoming a more standard option on laptops and PC’s / desktop computers. On saying this, the mouse is still holding strong as the preferred method of screen interaction within the workplace. Perhaps for this inherent usability or perhaps we are just stuck in our ways.

Either way, it should be paramount to any employee and employer to make sure you have a responsive and comfortable mouse. Even more so when this is being used on a daily basis.

The Hama MW-300 three-button mouse is small and compact. This can be also used by both right and left-handers. This is ideal for those hot-desking, or on the go.

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Its features include;

  • Separate on/off switch allows for energy-saving use of the mouse.
  • Storable USB receiver can be transported inside the mouse to save space.
  • This optical 3-button mouse picks up slight movements and allows accurate control.
  • 2.4 GHz radio technology for a reliable, interference-free and fast signal transmission with a range of up to 8 m.
  • The ultra-small USB receiver can be permanently installed in a notebook or PC.

This handy (excuse the pun) little mouse really does take the cheddar!

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