Octopus helps you pick the “write” tool for the job

With the turn of the 21st century, the age of computers began. Gone were the times of writing letters and essays by hand. However, some people still enjoy the feel of pen to paper, and why wouldn’t they?

Yes, you can’t “delete” your mistakes and sometimes you might smudge your writing or spell something wrong but hand-writing adds a more personal feeling. We thought we would look into five different types of pens so that you can decide which one suits you best;

Ballpoint Pens
BIC pens are the World’s most popular ballpoint pen

Ballpoint Pens

The most common writing utensil around, the ballpoint pen (also known as the biro) creates simple fine lines and is great for taking quick notes or writing for a long time. Octopus has over 250 different ballpoint products, so you will have no trouble finding the right one for you. One of the most popular, in fact the most popular ballpoint pen in the World is made by BIC. Yes, the famous range of Bic ball pens.

Fountain Pens

The fountain pen is the updated version of a quill and ink, and why fully change something that isn’t broken. If you want quality and longevity in a writing implement then fountain is the right pen for you.

The best thing about a fountain pen is that it never runs out of ink and replaceable cartridges come in all colours. Both of which can be found on the Octopus website. One of our favourites is the Parker pen which can be found here


Fineliner Pens

This is one for the artists and creatives out there. A fine liner has felt or hard fibre tip and is great for writing revision notes or making certain topics or points stand out in your writing.

A fine liner is a great writing tool for any occasion though, as it lasts a long time and doesn’t require a lot of pressure to keep a consistent flow to your writing without skips or gap in ink.

Gel Pens

These were essential in every school child’s pencil case. Smelly ones were preferred but glittery was also accepted, but did you know gel pens made a great writing tool?

If you’re a heavy-handed writer and intend to write on coloured paper then gel-pen is a must as the gel inside holds its pigment and sits on top of the paper rather than absorbs in. Octopus has a range of gel pens in both fun colours and regular blue and black.

Smart Pens

The evolution of writing is onto a new generation with the advancement of smart pens. This means you can now take your notes both physically AND digitally.

Clever technology will allow you to write with the pen, whilst a digital copy of the same words or pictures will appear on your tablet or computer.

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